I'm so relieved to see Rena-chan is being alone among AKB members, as always…

  August 29, 2012

From Mariko-san’s blog

She exactly looks like us…..

Come on, don’t post such a mean thread….

Actually I’m susceptible to girls like her….
It makes me feel like giving her a melonpan☆

The 3rd one has such a strong impact….
But rather, don’t you think it looks awkward if she was getting along with AKB members fine?

Anyway, even though she is like this in AKB, she can get along with SKE members so cheerfully, so we don’t need to be too worried about her, do we?
There’s no Jurina in this photo….

↑Wait… even though she is at the center in this photo, I can’t help but feeling the aura of a lonely person from her…..

I love how she looks lonely among people.
If she were a kind of person who is very energetic and always in a center of everyone, I wound’t be a fan of har.

I love the topic about Rena being lonely.
It gives me non-stop heart pounding!!

As many already suggested, basically her way of enjoying life is a bit different from others, so it’s hard for her to easily get along with people, I guess.

Yeah, her “stranger in the middle of nowhere” aura was tremendous when she was making a comment to Maeda Atsuko at her graduation performance.

But she is close to Sashihara, isn’t her? I think it’s real.
But it’s just they are not always sticking together like superglue.
I think one of the reasons why Rena tends to be a loner in groups is because she is not the kind of person who actively talk to someone.

I think Shinoda probably wants to be friends with Rena?
Jurina lately is also very friendly to Rena, isn’t hse?

↑If Rena endearingly approaches Mariko, like “Mariko-sama~♥, Mariko-sama~♥”, Mariko would never refuse to embrace her.
But the thing is…. Rena never sucks up to anyone…and things like this would never happen unless something brings a drastic change to her personality.

Even worse, Sashihara and Mayuyu left earlier…..
So the only member left there who Rena is actually close to in her private life was Yokoyama… so this was expected to happen….

If she goes with “loner” character, she must appeal as much as Sakuratan in these photos!!

But while she is in this tragic state among AKB’s Senbatsu members, she looks sooooo lively when she is with members of Melonpan alliance (メロンパン同盟)!


Come on….. She is doing exactly what “real loners” do when they have no one to talk with. “To divert her loneliness by reading sentences that she found around her.”…..

↑Stop! Stop it!! It’s so painful…. lol

But we all love the way Rena is…. ^^