If Nogizaka do Swimsuit Gravure, they will easily overtake NMB48

  September 24, 2012

Almost for sure!!

Oh come on… NMB’s Oppai is not something you can  easily defeat…

I don’t think Nogizawa has such powerful boobs…

In the past, there used to be idols who differentiated themselves  from others by NOT doing swimsuits Gravure.

If you’re talking about fans, maybe this thing will be controversial.

Rather, they will be completely look pale in Swimsuit compared to NMB girls.

Just dress normally~, that’s the only way they should stick to in order to surpass NMB.

Come on! Why don’t you tell me who is Oppai queen in Nogizaka!!!

Shiraishi Mai.

Though she hasn’t revealed her swimsuit body, you can tell her potential from this photo.

How about Miss Magazine grand Prix winner?

Isn’t she also Oppan queen?

She is not something you can call Oppai queen but has decent ones.

Etou Misa – Winner of Miss Magazine Grand Prix 2011

They emphasized their Oppai in the costumes of Hashire Bicycle!!

Eto Misa

Nogizaka 46

Wei…. wit! What’s wrong with Ikuta-chan!?!?

I want to see their swimsuit body, but at the same time, I don’t want them to be relegated to Gravure idol and throw away their concept, “Being Preppy”

In this case, we shall say Gravure is a job of Gravure idols,

People just have fun to imagine what Nogizaka46 in swimsuit look like. They don’t have to be in swimsuit actually.

Nakata  Kana

Hatanaka Seira – NGZK official

Do you really think so when Center of Nogizaka have no sexual appeal??

Anyway, they can’t never ever stack up to our team SKE48! Why? Because we have Sato Seira who’s been a topic of the nation lately!

I don’t want to treat girls lightly such as seeing them as a good masturbation material.

I would rather want to appreciate idols in more civilized way.

Though everyone is talking about Shiraishi, the other Mai (Fukagawa Mai) also have a good shaped body.

They can’t compete against NMB48 in terms of the sizes of boobs,

but the thing is how many people who like flat chested girls are there in this world.

Though I’m NMB Ota, I admit that Nogizaka is a decent idol group.

I’m envious of them as there’re many beautiful girls in the group.

Certainly, this discussion makes sense.

But….. I would rather want them to release Swimsuit single like Ponytail to Chouchou.

Hashimoto Nanami’s beautiful butt

Maimai in nurse costume (Fukagawa Mai)


I love the fact Nakata Kana secretly has such big boobs despite her funny character,

and I just normally want to see Sakurai and Fukagawa in swimsuits.

I curse those who imagine erotic things with Ikuta-chan!

Never ever let them force her to do dirty work like Swimsuit Gravure!!

LOL You mean Ikuta-chan will be in Takamina’s position!?

Certainly, she is not an ideal person for Nogizaka’s swimsuit Senbatsu.

Shiraishi, Takayama, Saito Yuuri, Etou Misa, Nagashima, Miyazawa, Yamato ← This is my choce.

Tell me! Whether Hashimoto Nanami has decent boobs or not!

Though you may not know this, but Ikoma-chan has such a beautiful legs!

She made my heart pound when she did skirt flip in the Oide Shampoo’s Skirt Flip

I’ve been wondering why people say Nogizaka46’s current goal is to overtake NMB48……

Why not AKB48, the top group or HKT48, the smallese gorup, but HKT48?

Speaking of NMB. The group now has this girl.

Even if they all become in swimsuit, it’s impossible for them to beat Sato Seira…

I’ve never found Sato Seira’s Gravure attractive.

I saw her body in Young Animal or Yong Champion’s bonus DVD,

But because it completely lacks a sort of originality and just looked like another Gravure,

It didn’t arouse me at all.

↑ Oh…. Okay…..

I think Nogizawa’s Preppy girls concept is to differentiate them from idols  who do Swimsuit Gravure….. It doesn’t make any sense if they give up the original concept and become “just another idol group”…

Because Nogizaka is “Innocent idol group”, they will never reveal Swimsuits body!