Nogizaka’s Choreo For ‘Oideyo Shampoo’ Got Banned and To Be Changed

  April 15, 2012

After severe criticism to Nogizaka’s choreo for “Oideyo Shampoo”,


「おいでシャンプー」振り付け変更についてのお知らせ lol

After receiving many opinions from internet etc.

We change the choreo for the instrumental part of the 2nd single “Oideyo Shampoo”.

From now on, we will perform the song with new choreo in our appearance in TV and live etc.

Thank you for your support.

Nogizaka46 management commission

AkiP G+…

秋元康22:52 – Mobile – 一般公開 
Internal Notice! 

Sony music Konno!! (very angry mood)

As we already knew, “Oideyo Shampoo”‘s choreo for that part received fairly negative review?
I told you at the meeting!
That is too much! (or That goes too far)
The manner PV was filmed is also not good.
For the recording of TV program etc. change that part from now on.
For Music video…. it’s too late…
It’s not Sasuga Minami-san’s fault.

It’s actually very cute choreo but can’t compatible with Nogizaka’s concept.
This is because production team at Sony music doesn’t understand them.

This is hard.
One hand I want to let them do what they want to do, on the other hand I have to check everything…

So what was the problem? It’s Nogizaka46’s performance of the song on TV (We have No video (Protect copyrights!) if you could find it, maybe you’re lucky but you should flag it… anyway I don’t put it here since most probably it’s gonna sooner or later get removed.). In the instrumental part in the middle of the song, their dance got a little bit too confusing… they… pull up their skirt (precisely outer layer of the skirt) and revealed their inner wear (precisely inner part of skirt).
Obviously this not just match their image but this choreo may make the group banned from performing the conservative channel, NHK. 
People says their first (Guru ka~) was also dull but matches the concept of Nogizaka, retro but pure. But that choreo poetion of this new song is literary filthy, linapporopriate and dull… , that what they’re saying, though I haven’t seen it yet.
There are more controversial points about this song’s choreo, but since I couldn’t watch the video, and it’s more sexual and maybe shocking, I can’t dare to write about… After I took a little glimpse of K-pop, I was scared of the dark side of the entertainment industry is too dirty to be true, but once again this accident reminded me of the wild nature of show-biz…

By the way is this a good sign that Sashiko will win this battle of 2th May?