SKE48 10th single sold 380,000 copies, 1st album sold 50,000, and one more about Sashihara Rino

  September 19, 2012

Sashihara Rino looking back her past where she’d been sassy (saucy). But somehow, she marked her new start with Bean-Throwing Ceremony, praying for Hit film

Whoa! Only 59 minute length!?

We can now watch the trailer!

Yeah, it’s seriously 59 minute long movie LOL

This is probably why they could sell a movie ticket for only 1000 yen and finished filming for 4 days LOL


Fifty thousands…..!?!?

50K…. 50K… seriously?

From left to right, 1st single to 9th single.

From top to bottom, Title, Mon, Tue … Sun, Total of the week, Total of the first week (7days)

That’s to be expected as the album doesn’t have Handshake event ticket…

I think it’s awesome to sell 380K for the first day!?

Even though the album has 90 minute long MV?

Because the only bonus for the album is MV* and it’s only 2 minute length for each member, so  it’s hard to grab the one unless you’re ksDD…

*And photobook for the first edition

I guess because there’re few people who buy multiple of copies for Albums. Which means the total headcount of  SKE Ota are probably around 50,000?

But the first edition (Album + DVD) costs more than 5,000 yen without any discount, so I think this high price has something to do with this dismal sales figure?

It’s surprising that these members photos cost more than an album itself LOL

You can make profit if you’re lucky, actually.

Matsui Rena

Hata Sawako

Matsui Jurina

Kizaki Yuria

Ogiso Shiori

Ohya Masana


I…. I …. it’s because of iPhone5……

I’m sure this album contains a lottery ticket for having 90 minutes lecture (Watchin MV in a school class room) with your Oshimen….?

Official – SKE  

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I couldn’t imagine most of SKE fans are Ota….!!

AKB48 sold 800,000 album copies without handshake tickets last year…

Yeah, I realized how “Kokoniitakoto” was a great album….

I think since long time ago, SKE’s album release had been much anticipated.

Which means, after all, the total number of SKE fans are probably around 50,000?

↑Uhmm I think we can say fanbase of 50K people is not bad.

So the case of No Sleeves is pretty rare as they sold more copies with their album than their single.

Normally, Albums sell more than Singles because Rental is soon available for Singles.

I think when they make a cover of Heavy Rotation, it’s expected that this album won’t be hit.

What do they want to do by making a cover of AKB48’s songs anyway?

50,000 copies…?  Probably even Not Yet can sell more than 50K…

If only the album contains 2 shot photo shoot event ticket……

They could easily sell 300,000 copies….

First of all, they released the single and the album on the same day.

There’re not few and original songs in the album.

Considered these factors, 50K is fairy a decent number.

Besides, it doesn’t contain a handshake ticket.

If they hold this special event for, say 10 times for each members, then total 630 members can join the bonus event. Which might make some Ota want to buy tons of albums. But when only 63 people can join the event…. You probably won’t win the lottery even if you buy over 100 copies….

Looks like they will film the bonus event, so… promoting album sales isn’t a main purpose of this bonus event, perhaps?