Yuko and Kashiwagi sold out for the 1st application (AKB48 4th Album’s Theater Version)

  July 4, 2012

They announced the result of 1st application……


As we expected, 1st day (Sep 2) is the most competitive.
Recently, a final day has been intensively competitive but it looks like it returned to the previous state.

Rena hasn’t sold out yet!?!!?!?

AKb48 4th Album “Title: not yet decided” Theater version
After 1st application
Oshima 18/18 sold out
Kashiwagi 18/18 sold out
Rena 15/18 (almost sold out: 1slot)
Mariko 13/18
Mayuyu 8/18 (almost sold out: 1slot)
Kojiharu 8/18
Takamina 5/18 (almost sold out: 3slots)
Sashihara 3/18
Jurina 1/18
Miyazawa Sae 0/18 (almost sold out: 1slot)

LOL Why you guys avoid Oct 14????

It’s so lucky that I applied for Oct 14!! Though….. I think members would be so tired after all concerts, events and tours around that time….

So after all Sashihara decreased her popularity?
i think she sells faster than Takahashi and Kojima last time?

On the contrary, I think she is doing better than expected as at least multiple of her slots have been sold out after this huge fuss…..

Anyway, I had an impression that Sashiko is as popular as Kojiharu in handshake events….

As for 2 shot photo event, I guess Paruru-chan will be very popular just because she is so cute….

Somehow, Shinoda has increased her popularity in last 12 months??

Anyway, as always Yuko, Kashiwagi and Rena dominate top3!

And I feel sorry for Rena that this popularity didn’t help her much in the election….

But I think Rena is by far popular than fellows like Yuko or Kashiwagi, as this is a bonus event for AKB’s album which has basically nothing to do with SKE….

I truly agree with you.

I think that is how normal people see it.
But how Rena Ota analyze this number?

I feel sorry for Rena as so many people put their expectation on her and she was dubbed one of the most likely members who would increase their ranking by media…..
But I truly admire her and her fans that have created her outstanding popularity in handshake events together with her. She is absolutely popular given the fact that she joins AKB’s handshake events in addition to SKE’s events….

It’s not something new that popularity in handshake event doesn’t always reflect the number of votes they get in elections.
Especially, Kobetsu handshake events are held in big cities, so it’s difficult for people who live in rural areas to join this event, while everyone has equal access to vote in elections.

Anyway, even though I’m not particularly Rena Oshi, I buy Rena’s Kobetsu ticket… maybe it’s because she is Ace of the group, and I’m SKE Ota?

And word-of-mouth matters when it comes to handshake events. When people rumor that she is Kami at handshake events and it’s actually difficult to get ticket to meet her, then maybe it’s some kind of consumer psychology, more and more people flock to buy handshake tickets of her.

If they only accept application once, then applications will be by far scattered to other members.

And the reason that Rena’s votes didn’t increased that much was because total 17 members ranked in from SKE, many of Rena Ota also voted for other SKE members I guess.
If all Rena Ota concentrated their votes on Rena, the result would be totally different, I think.

In the interview several weeks before the election:
Rena: “I rather think it’s better that SKE members are evenly distributed in the ranking. If it would be like only several members won top spots while few other members ranked in, that means we have huge gap among members. It’s a bit problematic as a group. So like Churi said, I hope as many members as possible win their spots “

But the reality is….as you know, Rena didn’t put it everything for Rena.
So is this because Rena is not so attractive that they wanted to spare their votes for other SKE members, OR they had been optimistic about the election as Rena has been enormously in handshake events??

Probably the latter is the right answer… Source? Me. I cast 5 votes for Rena out of total 8 votes.

It’s so brutal that they broadcast how huge popularity gap there is in SKE…..

But becoming popular in handshake event is not what Rena is wishing for, though of course it’s better to be popular than unpopular….
But I hope she can get as much work that can make her recognized by the general public as her popularity among AKB fans, and ultimately that leads her to realize her dream….

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