CD and DVD of AKB48 sold 7.93 billion yen in the first half of 2012….

  June 22, 2012

From Oricon,

Popular idol group AKB48 wins two segments, “Total sales made by artist” and “Single sales”, in “Oricon ranking for the First Half of the year”(From Dec 26th 2011 to June 18th 2012) released on 20th. AKB48’s has made a series of hits including the latest single “Manatsu no Sounds Good!” (released on May 23, sold 1.781 million in the first half of the year). Total sales reached 7.93 billion yen , the highest figure since their major debut in Feb 2006.

AKB has shown astounding sales growth in recent years. Total sales of their “Single”, “Album”, “Music DVD” and “Music Blue-ray Disc”, was 0.17 billion in 2009, 2.58 billion in 2010 and 6.66 billion in 2011. This year they increased sales by 1.2 billion, reaching 7.93 billion total sales.

Among all forms of products, “Single” was the main engine of AKB’s sales. Their latest single released before the election, “Manatsu no Sounds Good!“, the single in which members tried playing in a band for the first time, “GIVE ME FIVE!” (released on Feb 15, has sold 1.43 million) made 1-2 finish in the “Single sales” ranking, easily exceeded their 1-2 finish singles in the first half of the last year, Everyday Cachucha (1.49 million) and Sakura no Kini narou (1.07 million).

AKB has become the first female music act to dominate 1st and 2nd spots in the first half of the year ranking 2 years in a row, and 2nd of all music act after Arashi achieved the same record during 2009-2010. Having 2 million-seller singles in the first half of the year 2 years in a row is the first time after GLAY achieved 13 years ago, and the first time in the Japanese music history as a female music act. The total number of the copies AKB’s sinlges sold in the period is by far the best among all music act, as they sold 3.851 million copies (4.53 billion, increased by 23.6 percent from the first half of last year).

Takamina sent a comment on their achievement.
“All AKB48 members are so honored to be given the 1st and 2nd spots for Singles in the first half of the year 2 years in a row. Besides, I heard this is achieved by female music act for the first time. What made us achieve this record that we could never ever imagine are primarily supports from our fans and staffs. I’m filled with gratitude to all of them.

Total sales by artist

1. AKB48…7.93 billion yen (Total copies sold 3.5 millions)
2. EXILE…7.45 billion yen (1.23 million)
3. Mr.Children…7.3.9billion yen (2.57 millions)
4. Arashi…6.81billion (2.55 millions)
5. L’Arc~en~Ciel…2.43 billions (0.47 million)
(Total sales = combined sales of Single, Album, Music DVD, Music Blu-ray)

I didn’t know Exile is selling that much!!

In addition to this, they have sales from “digital content downloading”, “Karaoke”, “Goods”, “Live concerts” and “movies” etc…..

They are pretty much a behemoth(´・ω・`)

So is this profit? No, of course.
If this is sales, then you should consider general and administrative expense, and cost for evens… Most of the sales will disappear….

Yasusu can get tons of royalty money, but for AKB, fair amount of money must have been spent for personnel expenses, etc.

Comparing “price per copy” (AKB 2059yen, Exile 6052 yen), I think Exile earn money very efficiently. They don’t sell that much. So they accumulated sales through more expensive products like Albums and DVDs, right?
It looks like if we relax our tension, AKB may be overtaken by them……

Because…. quite a big portion of AKB’s singles sold are actually theater versions… (only 1,000 yen)

Price per copy

2059yen per copy  AKB48
6052 per copy       Exile
2872yen per copy  Mr.Children
2668yen per copy  Arashi
5137yen per copy  L’Arc~en~Ciel

Now AKB has made it difficult to release albums by their own marketing effort…..
(If they relealse albums which contain variety of songs from singles, then people may lose “collector-like” enthusiasm and ultimately less people would buy singles.)

Basically, songs contained in albums rarely become popular among fans.

So is AKB a kind of music act that release DVD more than the average?
I think they’ve already released many, Kohaku, Request hour, Nationwide tours….

Yasusu-san, it seems like you’re enjoying huge profit!!

1,780,949 12/05/23 AKB48 Manatsu no Sounds good!
1,434,498 12/02/15 AKB48 GIVE ME FIVE!
*,592,681 12/01/25 SKE48 Kataomoi Finally
*,544,000 12/05/16 SKE48 Aishiteraburu!
*,433,421 12/05/09 NMB48 Nagiichi
*,376,302 12/02/08 NMB48 JunjoU-19
*,209,053 12/02/22 Nogizaka46 Guruguru curtain
*,201,870 12/05/02 Nogizaka46 Oide Shampoo
*,155,803 12/02/29 Watanabe Mayu Syncro Tokimeki
*,152,346 12/05/30 Not Yet Suika BABY
*,147,660 12/05/02 Sashihara Rino Soredemo Sukidayo
*,115,763 11/12/28 No Sleeves Pedicure day
*,*92,881 12/04/25 Itano Tomomi 10nengo no Kimie
*,*90,507 12/03/07 SDN48 Makeoshimi Congratulation
*,*77,417 12/03/21 DiVA Lost the way
*,*73,810 12/05/30 Watariroka Hashiritai7 Shonenyo Uso o tsuke!
*,*69,885 11/12/28 SDN48 Kudokinagara Azabu Juban duet with Mino Monta
*,*50,691 12/02/01 Iwasa Misaki Mujineki

Total 6,559,537 copies lollollol

So why Exile sells that much?
I don’t know their songs at all….

Because they also sells CD/DVD in genius/ridiculous way.
(Contrary to AKB, Exile release “Best album” frequently. When they release DVD, it’s usually a huge box collection.)

 But… I’m rather surprised with Mr.Children!!
I didn’t know they still sell that huge!!