Distance Between Team 4 and team A,K,B members

  June 23, 2012

(In this post, “AKB” means “team A, K and B”. There’s a few exception where it means AKB48 itself, but probably easily can be differentiated from context.)

Though team 4 has been created as one of regular teams, there’s still a wide gap between team 4 and other regular teams of AKB48.
I think this is the reason why team 4 got an awful result in the election.
What can they do to find a breakthrough on the present situation?

That girl who has transferred to HKT will make another surprise transfer to team 4…

I think they should increase contact with senior members in TV shows.

The problem is AKB’s nameshake shows have been taken over by team 4 men from A,K and B’s members.

Team 4 is the team that we can’t expect what will happen, so they’d better keep them as they are.
I think it’s far more interesting if they don’t equalize all teams including team 4 by Reformation etc.

On the other hand, they must changed the consciousness of and attitude of team 4 men…

I think the only choice is Reformation.

But… there’re no 9gen~ members in other teams except Yokoyama in K…..
I think if Muto Tomu and Mitsumune will join team A and Oshima Ryoka in K, Izuta Rina in B, they can get closer to AKB members..

I think there’s 11gen member in tam B, though she doesn’t have much presence there…….

I think Suzuki Shihori is more of 7gen than 11gen.

Necessary Steps to become AKB’s regular members

You got hand-me-down clothes from Takamina-san.
Oshima-san uploaded your “today’s fashion” photo on her blog.
Shinoda-san shared 2 shot shot with you on her twitter account.
You had a conversation with Mayu-san.
You rubbed breasts of Kashiwagi-san.
Itano-san treated you to hot pot dinner (Nabe).
You were talked from Kojima-san.
Maeda-san remembers you name.

I think until they clear all of these steps, they would never be recognized as a regular member of AKB.

The difficulty level of the last one = “very hard”

I think rubbing Yukirin’s breasts is easier than being talked from Kojiharu.

The last two steps are ridiculously hard…. (´・ω・`)

But actually Abe Maria passed the last one already.

I feel like 9gen~ are different animals…..

And the gap between 9gen~ and ~8gen are all the more severe because there’s no 8gen member.
I wished that at least they would have promoted Tigrer Sano (Sano Yuriko)….

Their stage performance is somehow not so attractive…. yeah seriously…..
What do you think?

Boku no Taiyou Stage would be so captivating if it’s performed by Himawari-gumi.

But Takamina and Yuko care about Shimada Haruka.
I don’t think the distance between them are that severe.

I don’t feel 5gen and 7gen are distant with each other,
But somehow I feel a wide gap between 7gen and 9gen~ (except Yokoyama).

Ishida Haruka, Uchida Mayumi, Kitahara Rie, Sashihara Rino, Chikano Rina, Nakatsuka Tomomi, Nito Moeno, Miyazaki Miho

(6gen Akicha, Micha)

Iwasa Misaki, Kikuchi Ayaka (former 3gen), Komori Mika, Sato Sumire, Suzuki Shohori, Suzuki Mariya, Maeda Ami, Matsui Sakiko

Ohba Mina, Shimazaki Haruka, Shimada Haruka, Takeuchi Miyu, Nagao Mariya, Nakamura Mariko, Yamauchi Suzuran, Yokoyama Yui

It looks like the management deliberately separate 9gen~ from older generations,
but team 4 members don’t fully understand management’s intention behind it….

What are you talking about? Current team A,K,B are not teams. They’ve changed.
I rather like team 4 better than A,K,B because team 4 has old, original flavor of “team”.

I agree with you.

I rarely hear episodes like 9gen~ and ~7gen members go out socializing with each other.
I even rarely see their 2 shot photos.
But then they can change it by going for Reformation among AKB48….? I feel it’s not quite right…. or it’ll even make things worse…..

After all, the only solution is to transfer one Kami-class original member to team 4.
The biggest problem of current team4 is that they 4 still haven’t yet fully understood what it means to become a regular member of AKB.

Then no body can do that job better than Takamina.

It looks like team 4 are always made to be the targets for this kind of criticism.
But think about it, can you think of any current KKS who are Under of certain regular AKB members and very close to Cho-Senbatsu (Kami-class members) in their private lives???
Mitsumune, who has engaged in many work with Cho-Senbatsu member, can now get along with them without feeling a distance???
Think about it, team 4 members even haven’t had enough chance to work with Yokoyama, because they have been in different teams.
It’s not only about team 4, but it’s a tall order, to demand all members to  get along with each other regardless of their situations.

By the way, Yokoyama was approved by Mariko and Takamina when she was still KKS.

But Yokoyama’s case is an exception. She had involved in the kick-start of Mokugekisya Stage as Under of Shinoda.
She acted as liaison with other team A members for Mariko, stayed at Ohya’s home to practice, visited Mariko’s home to teach her routine, so she had a many contact with (new) team A members.
That how Yokoyama has gained the trust from members.

9gen had started acting as Under “after” Reformation, and that’s about when Cho-Senbatsu has started rarely making Stage appearance in AKB theater. So it’s natural 9gen~ can hardly  have opportunities to communicate with Cho-Senabtsu.
After all, only Yokoyama and Nagao, who made a conscious effort to get involved in senior members, has grown.

They shouldn’t have made team 4 in the first place……
They should have wanted until a slot opens up…..

The only thing we can count on is upcoming Reformation which perhaps will be announced on the 3rd day Tokyo dome concert.

But considering the situation, how come they announce Reformation when it’s painted as Acchan’s graduation ceremony, which will surely have somehow a sentimental mood????
I think if they do Reformation, they’d better do it in Janken tournament.
Time-limited shuffle or whatever, once they completely shuffle all teams, they would discover something new from that chaos.

How about do Reformation on the 1st day???
You know, they probably live-stream Tokyo dome concert,
So they’d better finish Reformation first, then Acchan’s graduation ceremony on the final day.

Paruru has been communicating with various members….

When Nagao has got close to senior members????

She was invited to Itano’s home, and when she appear on AKB’s Stage as Under, she frankly talk to senior members.

My impression is that Izurina (KKS) is closer to senior members than team 4 men, as Izurina often goes out with senior members.

Whatever you say, ~7gen members were more positively talking to senior members…
So… team 4 members are shy, or they want to keep distance from senior members….. either way, it’s not good….

Reformation won’t most likely turn things good.
Junior members would just be like 7gen members in team A,K,B.

How about trade 4 members with members who have solid performance skill in SKE and NMB, and improve at least the quality of performance?

Wait…. I think being in different teams have much to do with their distance.
You know, they hardly have opportunities to communicate with each other.
Reformation will improve the situation in this sense, but Reformation has too big impact…..

I think Akicha and Shimada are very close to each other??

They are.
(In ANN live-commenting thread, Akicha and Shimada are certified to be in relationship….)

Actually Shimada is often very attached to older members.
She received a letter from Yuko at Seitansai (Birthday Celebration festival), and wen out to have Monjayaki together.
Shimada is as friendly to human as Shiba-inu. She is a big Shiba.

Shimada doesn’t utilize her good relation with senior members in her work, as she reserves to make a bold remark to seniors in front of cameras.

Why they didn’t transfer Yokoyama to team 4 and name her a captain….

You know what? If they really do Reformation, then they will make new Stage for each team… total 4 Stages!!!
It’s impossible to be done by AkiP alone….

Ohba Mina is attached to Kashiwagi and they are close to each other.
Shimada Haruka is on good terms with Takamina and Oshima.
Iriyama Anna is envious of Nagao Mariya who can talk to Takamina without getting tensed.
Iwata Karen are sometimes given advices from Takamina, who hates telephone or text messages, through telephone an text messages.
Akimoto Sayaka cares about Abe Maria on various occasions.

That’s all I know.