All 16 Members of Team 4 Performed Together For The Firs Time for AKB48’s Nationwide Tour in Gifu

  April 21, 2012
Mina Oba (left) and Paruru

20th day was the team 4’s turn in AKB’s nationwide tour “Nonaka Misato Ugoku. 47 Todofuken de Aimasyou” at Nagaragawa International Conference Hall, Gifu. Team A, K, B, then 4, this is the 4th round of the tour and first how for team 4 in the tour.
What special about this is the first show all 16 members of current team 4 gathered on the same stage, which made Anna Iriyama aka Annin (my Oshi-men) shout to fans “You are the witness of team 4’s historical moment!!” Yay! Yayyyyyy!
Also, 20th Apr was a birthday for Misato Nonaka, who joined this show and will join all of shows in this tour.
Team 4 performed total of 24 songs included their original song “Hashire! Penguin (Run! Penguin)” with 1,600 fans waiving yellow-color (team4’s color) light sticks.

One of team’s rising star Haruka Shimazaki aka Paruru, who is currently co-staring TV Drama “Shiritsu Bakaleya Gakuen” along with other team members and Junny’s boy idols, said “We’ve yet done a show with all 16 members even in Akihabara AKB theatre, Gifu is the first place and now it’s a special place for us too.”

Team’s captain Mina Oba, who has been suspended for 3 months after she suggested about her former love-life on her blog, made a comeback in this show said “I’m still learning a lot of things as an idol. I will be doing my best. Today I re-start from here.” She bowed her head deeply to fans.

Since the forming of team 4 in June last year, they held shows in Kagoshima, Tottori, but since they had only 12 members then, 4 members from KKS were added to perform the show with 16 members, the least number required for AKB’s show.

After that the team had turns and twists that one member left the team, etc. but they welcomed 13 y/o Karen Iwata this March along with other 4 KKS members, making the team finally have required 16 members.

Mr.Togasaki, the manager of AKB theatre last year said “Their very first show in Kagoshima was aweful. I gave them 3 out fo 100. They improved in their next show in Tottori, but still they by no means stacked up to other teams.” But he looked satisfied with today’s energetic show, said “They’ve grown so much since the last show.”

In hte concert they presented a surprise birthday party for Misato Nonaka (in black costume)

Source Sponichi

Heavy Rotatoin by team4

Pictures took in a bus to concert venue Gifu

Renacchi and Annin
Mi… Miorin?
Karen and Rina Kawaei
Juri Takahashi
Rina Kawaei and Juri Takahashi 
Below is the setlist (songlist) for the show

Kage-Ana (shadhow announce) by Misato Nonaka

1.Heavy Rotation
3.High school days
4.Hashire! Penguin

Self Introduction MC

5.Hajimeteno Jerry Beans (Paruru・Annnin・Renacchi)
6.Blue rose (Haruka Shimada・Mariko Nakamura・Nakamata・Tano)
7.Wagamama na nagareboshi (Nagao・Miorin)
8.Kutiutsushi no Chocolate (Yamauchi・Abe・Juri Takahashi)
9.Gomenne Jwel (Oba・Takeuchi・Kawaei・Renacchi)


11.Ponytail to chuchu
12.Kiminokoto Sukidakara

MC Surprise for Nonaka

14.Yuuhi wo miteiruka?
15.Zyunen Zakura
16.Ogoe Diamond
17.Iiwake Maybe

MC Darekanotameni Project (Support Tohoku)

20.Kaze ha fuiteiru

EN1.Flying Get
EN2.Boku no taiyo
EN3.Hatsukoi ha minoranai