Pictures of AKB48 at First Show of Their Nationwide Tour At Fukuoka

  April 11, 2012

Hotexpress Music magazine now has photos of AKB48 nationwide tour at Fukuoka.
This tour is named after the member of team K, Misato Nonaka(野中美郷), titled “AKB48 nationwide tour 20212, Misato Nonaka on the move”.
The main members of the show are either team A or team K or team B or team 4, but the first show of this long tour started with team A. Opening act at Fukuoka was performed by HKT48, the group based in Hakata, Fukuoka, and after that Misato Nonaka from team K declared the kickstart of the tour. The main part of the show was the performance by Atsuko Maeda, Minami Takahashi, Mariko Shinoda, Rino Sashihara and Haruna Kojima and all ohter members of  team A, and filled with full of excitement whole time.

They delivered us great pictures from this gonnabe-legendary tour, including precious shot of Atsuko Maeda and Takamina performing face to face.

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