Mayuyu Suspended From The On-Going Nationwide Tour Due To Acute Gastroenteritis and Pharyngitis

  April 11, 2012

It’s announced Mayuyu(渡辺麻友) is suspended from the on-going nationwide tour due to acute Gastroenteritis and Pharyngitis.

From AKB48 official blog

The official announcement of Mayu Watanabe’s suspension from the 11th and 12th nationwide tour.

Today Mayu Watanabe, who is to perform in the 11th (Hiroshima) and 12th (Kobe) show of AKB48 nationwide tour 2012, was diagnosd  with acute Gastroenteritis and Pharyngitis in a hospital.
We have no choice but persuade her into refrain from performing and suspend from the show because of the suggestion from medicals.
We are saddened and very sorry to announce this as these shows are the first appearance of team B.
We let her take a rest and cure the symptoms as soon as possible to perform the show in good condition.

We understand this will cause a significant worry for you, but please understand that we must take this necessary step to secure her health.

Tomomi Itano, who previously suggested sickness via her twitter, has now recovered and to perform the tour (not 11th and 12th since they are team B show).