“Hiruobi”, A Japanese TV Show Introduced It’s New Regular Members from AKB48

  April 3, 2012

ゆきりん毎日見たいよ~ Japanese Fans’ outcry on the new join of 4 members of AKB48 is because they just want too see Yukirin (Yuki Kashiwagi 柏木由紀) everyday

One explanation for this is as Yukirin got so popular, her schedule become so tight that she could no longer afford time to appear the show everyday. Another is because SOME of 4 new members have hardly any opportunity to get TV exposure, so this may be supposed to be leveling up whole AKB48′ value by exposing new faces to mainstream media.

Before this, the signature image of Yukirin was weathercaster, but with new 4 members join the same job, her unique character may be watered down, sadly. Speaking of weather, AKB48 has a real meteorologist who really has a qualification, but she hasn’t yet been popular at all even though she has unique character as “intelligent idol”.

One positive side of this for Yukirin fans is that this show is very long and she is bounded for at least 4 hours every weekday. So letting new members join does good for her that she now can afford to appear other events and shows.


①視聴率  ひるおび一部>>>PON!
03.05 03.06 03.07 03.08 03.09
*6.4% *4.4% *4.1% *4.6% *4.9% 11:00-11:55 TBS ひるおび!・第1部
*3.4% *3.7% *3.6% *3.1% *3.8% 10:25-11:25 NTV PON!

②NET局数(=視聴可能世帯数) ひるおび一部>>>PON! 




Let me explain more positive reason. After Yukirin started to appear in the show, the number of the show has increased from 2~3 points to 4~6 points. The Show “Hiruobi” performed the worst among all TV shows in the same time spot. Now it’s not the best (best in afternoon, 2nd before noon) but doing significantly better. Yurikin is not only doing weathercaster but when there are coming AKB48 events, or in entertainment news spot, she makes guest appearance as well. She was even named top 3 popular weather caster in Japan in Oricon’s pole

Whether this move turns out to be a fail that both Yurin and other members gain any new popularity, or add value to the whole group by making new members popular faces for afternoon TV viewers is… all up to how they do their jobs well.
Who is weathercaster? Takamina? Mi-chan? Kojiharu? Yurkirin? 152/170 answered correctly