SKE48 Gave Funny Kawaii Face at Media Conference for Their Namesake TV Show

  March 30, 2012

SKE48 will have more exposure with coming TV programs, which has their own name in the titles.

Coming 31th Mar, from 8PM, Space Shower TV+ will air “SKE48 Special”, which as the title suggests features exclusively SKE48.
This program introduce SKE48’s history and it’s rise. Starting with their debut single “Tsuyokimonoyo (= To strong fellows)”, to their latest single “Kataomoi Finally (=one way love, finally..)”, all of their video clips are introduced in one our of program. It also deliver long interview with the group’s major members, Jurina Matsui, and Rena Matsui, as well as talk sessions with leaders of 3 teams, Rukako Hirata of team S, Akane Takayanagi of team K2, and Sayaka Umemoto of team E. They talked about personal impression on SKE48, and SKE48’s Music videos of their favorite sticking with their memory, and determination  toward coming big concert at Nippon-gaishi Sports Plaza Gaishi hall in Aichi pref,which is scheduled for 14th and 15th April.

Featuring two of it’s star members, Jurina Matsui and Rena Matsui, SKE48 are also going to have their own show on Nippon Television network, the major television channel in Japan. The show is titled “SKE48’s Magical Radio 2”. At the media conference for the show, members of the group were asked from photographers, “Please make funny face to promote the show!!”. With no hesitation they made really funny Kawaii faces, which showed their determination for the show, and their friendly characters as well.

This show is a second series of the nippon television’s program, which was formerly aired from last October to December. Rena Matsui said “It’s important to go beyond our present capacity. We have a lot of room to develop.”
SKE48’s next single will be released 16th Mar, along with their sister groups AKB48 on 23th Mar, and NMB48 on 9th Mar. The title of the songs are all yet dropped.

SKE48 Special

Space Shower TV+ Mar 31th 20:00 ~ 21:00
Space Shower TV+  Mar 2ne 24:00 ~ 25:00 {Recorded}
Space Shower TV+  Apr 7th17:00 ~ 18:00 {Recorded}
Space Shower TV+  Apr 23rd 21:00 ~ 22:00 {Recorded}
SKE48:Jurina Matsui /Rena Matsui/Rukako Hirata /Akane Takayagi /Madoka Umemoto /Siori Takada/ Sawako Hata

SKE48Spring Concert 2012「SKE専用劇場は秋までにできるのか?」(=Will SKE have exclusive theater for them by this fall??)

Apr 14th
OPEN 16:00 / START 17:00
Apr 15th
OPEN 16:00 / START 17:00
Fee:only Reserved seat 5,800yen (=$68)
Awwww… Jurina Matsui is ridiculously cute!!

Jurina Matsui
Rena Matsui

Source: Natalie, Yahoo Japan