‘1830m’ becomes AKB’s first million seller album and 2 more about IWA and Yukirin!

  September 19, 2012



LOL Hella funny…

Please! Don’t excavate further photos of IWA!! LOL

My abs would be crushed!!

↑ Nope~~~ This is something we shouldn’t show kids in order to protect their dreams!

↑x2 She has such a nice expression…. The one that only those who’ve done a really nice job can have….

Oh come on! This is completely violating the rule to take a photo of this scene of her!!!!! LOL

IWA has become DAIBUTSU! (Big Buddha)

Loos like, yesterday, she is satisfied with the fact that she gave it everything she’s got.

I love how staffs surrounding her in this photo LOL

Thanks to IWA, I could have so much fun in yesterday’s Janken LOL


As expected of Yukirin…… Simply awesome! LOL

What kind of face will she show us if she would win the tournament (;・U・)

As expected from the queen of reaction face!

Bikkurin is so lovely LOL

Her reaction was by far the best, wasn’t it?

People may misunderstand that she is insane when they only look at zoom in photos of her faces LOL

Maybe, if she won the tournament, her eyes would pop out!? LOL

I found a photo that capture her at the superb timing and composition!

Eeenrin is so cute.

I like how she openly express herself with her facial expressions while, in normal situations, she is a neat and clean, well mannered girl .

Manga-like ReactionRin is nya~ cute(´Д` )

The 5th photo LOL
Yukirin is just too awesome…

The second to the last one LOL

As I looked in order from the top to the bottom, I LOL’d so hard…

She is moving, moving…

This is completely HorroRin….