Several Pics From Yukirin’s New Photobook

  April 25, 2012
Japanese Magazine gave us a sneak peek at Yukrin‘s latest Photobook “Yu, Yu, Yukirn…” 
Yukirin cooks Takoyaki for you…?
I love this Kimono (Furisode)! Jump!!
Dating with Yukirin. Where will we go next? Uhmmm I don’t want to do anything but looking at your cute face!
laying on Futon with Yukirin… Onsen-trip??
Yukirin! Don’t stab my heart with your delvishly cute gaze!
I give you one word, simple word…. “Kawaii…”
Yukirin in Yoga
this huge gap between bold sexiness and doll-like cutey  is why we are magneted onto Yukirin (^O^)//