SKE48 Suda Akari’s thrilling TV appearance in PON! and SKE48 in some other shows

  September 19, 2012

So, next, they will make TV appearances in PON.

Wednesday is the day when Mariko-sama also appears PON! I’m looking forward how they interact each other!

There’s no one who are close to Shinoda LOL

Matsui Rena co-starred in the commercial with Shinoda,
and she often appears in MariBlo (Mariko Diary: Shinoda Mariko’s official blog) as Mariko takes many photos of Rena,
and their agencies are under the same group, Burning production.

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So they still need to introduce themselves LOL

Shawako’s (Hata Sawako) voice is too small LOL

Are these objects put on the table Melonpan?

Shawako is completely playing her character LOL

Come on….. If they keep behaving like this in very rare chances for making TV appearance nationwide, they will end up being nowhere LOL

Suda is so thrilling to watch….

I’m convinced that Suda’s character is really tough to deal with for those who don’t know her well….
After all, “AKB to XX” is such a nice program that really put their heart into creating a show that showcase charm of the girls.

Da~Su~ (Suda Akari) is really difficult to cast in mainstream TV shows….
She is a kind of person that the more you know about her, the more you come to like her, but for those who watch her for the first time on TV…..

↑Your description sounds like a one for a typical girl of 48 group.

Suda should think before speak… She’s just speaking what comes through her mind without giving it enough thoughts…

After all, I think Suda may better refrain from doing work outside SKE48…..
It may be a better choice for her to focus on Handshake event.
Somehow, it seems her appearance in mainstream media turns out to be obstacle for her.

Because being pushing is one of her good characteristics, I think it’s expected if she isn’t very compatible with other casts, it will bring an awful final products….

Suda is smart girl, so I guess she is intentionally trying to expand the limit.
Though I must say she is probably Love Her or Can’t Understand At All type of girl.

Don’t you think she is a beacon of hope for those who can’t sense a situation well?

↑ If you want to use the word “Rising Star or A Beacon Of Hope”, I think A~nya (Murashige Anna) is the one who is the most suitable for the name.

I think what they were lacking is Ogichan (Ogiso Shiori).
Ogichan is needed to impress nationwide viewers by her looks.

Ogichan is very diligent and serious person in both positive and negative way, so I guess she is cut out for nationwide programs?

Which means, basically members who don’t talk much are ideal for nationwide TV show?

Suda’s remark is a bit off topic in various senses.
It’s understandable that Rena wants to tell off her…

churi:camera logo has been erased LOL

Papi, Pino, Pucho, Popo….
What the heck is this song LOL

I can’t tell between PoPo and Pucho LOL They looks totally the same.

As always, she promote Papitan too much…

Will Shawako do it?

Will she?

She’s done it━━━━(゚∀゚)━━━━!!LOL

Suda also nailed her face pulling!! (Making a funny face)

LOL Suda caused broadcasting accident!!

Sawako changed her repertoire!!
But after all, it’s still Elisabeth!?

Ooki’s (host) laid-back character actually pretty much reduce the damage of Suda and Hata’s fails LOL

Please! Suda, stop it, stop!
It would give me heart attack!!! Too much thrilling ((((;゚Д゚))))

Even Mariko-sama looks a bit perplexed LOL

And is this all?

Yeah it’s only 10 minutes.

Today’s MVP is Ooki (Host). I can’t be grateful enough to him.

That was the most thrilling live TV broadcasting….

Female announcer: “Can we finish it?”


As we know from watching theater performances, the weak points of SKE girls are not singing or dancing, but it’s clearly talking skill…..

By the way, Suda can be popular among the general public?

↑ She would never ever be popular among them…
The reality is just the same as what you watched just now.

While everybody is saying that was almost a broadcasting accident, it’s no problem as this TV show “PON!” is always like this.

I would rather say that the reason why we felt so thrilled is because Mariko didn’t support em at all LOL

By the way, PON! is not aired nationwide, so we could minimize the damage!

After all, they haven’t improved their talking skill at all…
I think SKE48 needs someone like Sashihara who is cut out for variety TV shows….

Man, that exactly what SKE is lacking.
If only SKE has someone of Yuko, Minegishi or Sashihara’s level of caliber….

Then our only choice is Shiitan (Takada Shiori)!
She can talk just calmly and make a funny conversation.
I think there’s no one other than her?

Probably because there’s no Jurina, Mariko-sama’s attitude is completely different from the last year LOL

It was surely thrilling, but for me, I had so much fun, watching it LOL
But if you ask me how ordinary TV audience will think about the members, I feel a bit scared LOL

After all, visual-wise, they need Ogiso,
and talking-wise, Furukawa is essential.

↑They’d better bring Nishishi to the show.

Suda Akari 11:11pm 9/19

Thankfully, we could make appearances in Sukkiri-san and PON!-san (^^)

Look! Rena-san’s face has become Melonpan because she had too much of Melonpan!!



The part where I LOL’d the hardest.

“Despite everyone wearing school uniforms, none of us are actually (high-school) students !!”

If there were MieP (Sato Mieko), it would be far more interesting?


Rena in Sukkiri

Wow, she is trying to show Airin’s page LOL

Haha it’s true! Awesome love!