SKE48’s Hata Sawako LEFT A HUGE IMPACT during her TV appearance in Shibuya Deep A

  July 21, 2012

The main show is coming~~~~!!


This is the time that we keep calm and just listen to her voice.

SKE’s most notable time

Super Nishishi-time



Her grin is just too awesome!!!

Her ability to convey strong emotions with her eyes!! lol

(Heart pounding…)

I’m so grateful…. I’M SO GRATEFUL!!

I can’t hear what she’s talking about lol

↑ I recommend you to turn up the volume only for Sawako’s part.

This reminds me of Ohkami to Pride in Gaishi concert lol

Why don’t they make this segment the main feature of this program?

Well….. this is nice lol


Chris Matsumura lol

Sawako is laughing so hard

Hata-san is cracked up lol

Sawako is laughing too much!! lol

The real Sawako is coming━━━━━━(゚∀゚)━━━━━━ !!!!! 

“Buhahahahahahaha, because I’m a devil, I am not made to love human, but you’re an exception.” 


She showed her true potential!! lol

Sawako’s speciality “sudden personality change”!!!

This is Hata Sawako that we are talking about!!

This limitless awesomeness of Hata Sawako lol

Actually it is great that she can completely become the role she plays despite the fact that she saw the line for the first time!!

You know what? Those guys in NHK knows their stuffs!!!

I think the guys who sent these requests are on 2ch…. lol

↑They confessed on Sawako’s fan thread lol

LOL Don’t be shy after you have acted as much as you want.

Now it’s Kansai-dialect!!

“After I tease Hata-san, I want you to shyly say this line to me in Kansai dialect.”
“Gosh… you’re so mean♥”
So cuuuute!!!!


Is this Kyoto-dialect?

Sawako…. you’ve convinced me again… that you’re awesomeしゃ

I hope the whole one-hour of this program will be this “Heart Pounding” segment…..

Hata Sawako has once again left a huge impression in the viewers.

Sawako is cuter in videos than in photos.

source, Wingom, Bryan, Ganita and Tommy