Will male dancers join performance of UZA next time? and 2 more about AKB 1/149 and 28th Single

  September 20, 2012

Should we allow them to go with this style?
I think we should send message to Akimoto by not buying this single, and it will ultimately do good for members!

How come we can allow em to dance with male dancers!?
Don’t ridicule fans!!
Hell! We gotta start a boycott campaign!! Hell!!!

↑So that’s your Maji… is that?

I agree with you.
Management is completely treating with such contempt!

When the pre-order started, they were Type-A,B,C. So if I pre-ordered Type-B, they will deliver me Type-K, and if it was Type-C, I’ll get Type-B?
LOL Confusing.

No Chuu, No Kitarie, No Akicha. Indeed, I can’t find any reason to buy this one.

Instead, why don’t you invest your money for Paruru!!

This is the result after Yasusu heard that Jurina was saying she wants to play cool dance number….

↑That’s the answer.

After all, I won’t buy 28th and 29th, just because I don’t want to go to Handshake event in such a cold season…

Why don’t you just buy one copy like other normal people?

Oh come on LOL No matter what you say, I know you will buy tons of CD after all.

Whose Ota don’t want to buy 28th single?

Watanabe Ota 72,574 – Because they were anticipating Mayuyu as Center

Kashiwagi Ota 71,076 – Resentment on that Kiss Scene

Rena Ota 42,030 – Because they still treat SKE48 like rubbish

Sae Ota 40,261 – Dropped from Senbatsu

Kasai Ota 27,000 – Dropped from Senbatsu

Kitahara Ota 26,531 – Dropped from Senbatsu

Umeda Ota 24,522 – Dropped from Senbatsu

Total 303,994

↑ Takajo-Ota also won’t buy it.

Kikuchi-Ota won’t buy it, either, because they aired commercials during Kikuchi’s Janken Match….

LOL you guys don’t buy this one, seriously?
Then I will buy tons of Theater Versions! I can choose whatever member I like!

By the way, it won’t be considered that you don’t buy this single if you buy handshake event tickets from internet auctions LOL

It’s not that we want to buy this single because we want to listen to songs.
We just want to grab DVD.
If you talk about fans in Kanto region, they just want to grab handshake tickets.



Looks like they won’t…. So much relief….

That’s understandable….
Coz it’s already spot respective members even if only AKB girls are on the stage.

Can you share source?

I think I read an article on Yahoo, which says it was a special version for Janken tournament.

There are also guys dancing in this week’s Pachinko song (“Sonomamade” by Itano Tomomi. Takajo Aki, Yokoyama Yui)

AKB Team Surprise

But if they won’t join from next stage, what will they do in the part where only male dancers dance?

I guess they are very making close body contacts in MV… Or even worse, they do something like that Kiss scene again…

What about those solo parts performed by Sayanee and Yuko?
They are also a special part dedicated for Janeken Tournament?

Those dancers are the representatives of TBS’s TV show “Asian Ace”,
and Yasusu was one of the judges of the show.
When he saw them, he said “I hope some day, they can do something with AKB”.
So this is just about TBS connection.

This is a blog of the dancers.
Looks like they won’t perform together again.


I think the breakdown part is a special arrange for Janken Tournament.
I guess it won’t exist in recording version.
That’s how the song is arranged.

Besides, though it was not dancers,
it’s not the first time that AKB add extra dance part for TV broadcasting.



When the game was announced on August 6, it was announced under the title of AKB 1/153 Renai Sousenkyo.

※4 members = Wakabayashi Tomoka and 3 former regular members of team H 

「AKB1/149」公式 34days ago

Of course the game has Sashihara Rino in it, because members who appear in the game are based on the team line-up as of June 16!
「AKB1/149」公式 9/20

We have changed the title of the game because we changed the team line-up the game based on from the one as of June 16 to the one as of August 23.