HKT48 Sashihara Rino eats grasses in new TV ad, and 2 more about IWA and Sato Seira

  September 20, 2012

Look at this!!
Bokujo-hen (Stock Farm ver.) has been added!!!

One after another, again, she got new job, new Bigger job….
What was that Sashihara Scandal in June all about? LOL

That’s an awful commercial LOL
But this convinced me that she is next to none when it comes to nailing full body costumes!
Nope, she can’t beat IWA LOL
I’m even concerned that IWA would take over her role as “Sassy Robo” LOL

The legend of Sashihara once again started LOL

It seems like that Rino-chan doesn’t refuse any job offers she got recently LOL

With this momentum, I hope she will star next commercial for Samanthe Thavasa…

And probably it will announced she will continue to make regular appearance in Waratte Iitomo next week,.
The victorious days of team Sashihara Rino!

Somehow, it looks so awesome….
Looks like she has finally become the really popular figure….

Only one year has passed after her first solo TV commercial (which was for Maple Story)

A year of Upheaval….




During the Winner’s Interview

Group photos of Janken Senbatsu for AKB48 29th single

I’m so sorry

Photo collage

The History of Uchida Mayumi

1st AKB48 Janken Tournament

2nd AKB48 Janken Tournament

3rd AKB48 Janken Tournament

My abs hurt so much LOL

New photo has arrived!!


Because Uchida Mayumi plays Takamina’s position in team K,

I want her to act a skit of the line, “Hashiridasu~ Bus Oikakete~” (Run after the bus about to leave)

I don’t mind if they would change “Bus” to “IWA”

↑ I think IWA won’t run after anyone.

But rather, it’s IWA who is run after by someone.

I’m so sorry for rampaging around the Janken Tournament…

So it was 100%, IWA.

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Sato Seira 5:57pm 9/19

No.1 on Google Hot Serches!?!?

I’m so happy about this (^^)/

Thank you so much for people who searched my name,

Thank you ~~~~~~\(^o^)/\(^o^)/