(Report) Sashihara Rino made stage debut in HKT48!!

  July 5, 2012

Sashihara Rino made her debut in HKT48!!! Mr. Akimoto Yasushi was at the audience seats

Fans made a long line in front of the entrance of HKT48 theater and there’re reporters from about 50 companies. Sashihara Rino made her solo debut in HKT’s Te o Tsunaginagara Stage which she has practiced since her transfer was announced .
At the beginning of the show, Kodama Haruka announced to fan, “From today, team H welcomes Sashihara Rino-san and becomes a team f 17 members!!!” Fan sent her loud cheers.
Then Sashihara Rino smilingly greeted to fans “I officially join HKT’s stage from today. I’ll do my best to be approved as a member of AK… HKT48!!” which bring huge cheers from 300 fans filled the venue, “Sassy~~~!!”, “Rino-chan~~~~~!!”
“Because I’m the oldest member in the team, I will accept to play a role of “Elder woman” for this team.” she said.
Sashihara joined total 13 songs, all songs performed by all members of team H plus units’ songs.
“I’d been very nervous and filled with uneasiness, but when I stood on the stage, fans and members of HKT made eye contacts with me. I felt I can make it.” Rino-chan talked.

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Sashihara Rino trying to hold back her tears
Sashihara Rinoa bowed to press as she leaves the press interview
Sashihara Rino singing Glory Days

Kodama Haruka

We finished with the first stage performance with Sashihara-san!!

Before the show, I felt somehow uneasy and unsettled more than usual.

It’s not good…

No way to play a good performance with this state of mind….
Today’s Stage is special and important for us….
A lot of people came from distant places,
There were also a lot of media,
AKB’s staffs,
And Akimoto-sensei…

This is a huge chance to appeal HKT48.
Maybe our performance in this stage would lead to our CD debut or setlists of HKT’s original Stage or any other fture direction of the team.

That’s why we had a meeting with our captain Chihiro in a center before the show.

I could make a pair with Sassy-san for the song “Te o Tsunaginagara”.
It was so fun and I’m looking forward to the next chance to perform with her!!
And I was together with her in a unit “Glory days”, too!!
Because I thought a unit performance conveys our togetherness the most,
With Haruppi, Sassy-san and A~nya, we practiced the part where we make eye contacts each other and the part where do robot-dance.
I think today’s Glory days was unique and had a different mood from our usual performance. What do you think~?

And…. Yeah it’s MC!!
I’m so impressed by Sassy-san’s MC.
When she talks, the whole venue is filled with laughter!!
That was so amazing!!

Why this can happen?

I’ll be learning anything I can learn from Sassy-san!!
You know, stealing someone’s abilities is no crime!!

And it’s announced that from today, HKT’s team H goes with 17 members including Sashihara Rino-san.
I hope that I will soon be able to call her Sassy without any hesitation ♥
I’m looking forward to what will happen from now on!!

Thank you so much for supporting new HKT48, we will continue power up ourselves!!!

Sassy~~~ I love you♥

Miyawaki Sakura

For today’s Stage, we played each song with one member out and Sashihara-san in!!
But we haven’t yet decided that we will continue this way!! Anyway, we did it in this way for July 5th Stage.

Sashihara Rino, who made her stage debut in Hakata, appeared from the 1st song til the ending of the show.

Here are positions she played today. (May not be 100% correct)
01. Bokura no Kaze Ueki: Nao’s position
02. Mango No.2: Tanaka Natsumi position
03. Te o Tsunaginagara: Kumazawa Serina position
04. Chime ha lovesong: Wakatabe Haruka position
10. Innocence: Sugamoto Yuko position
11. Romance Rocket: Matsuoka Natsumi position
12. Koi no Keiko to Taisaku: Miyawaki Sakura’s position
13. Daisuku: Nakanishi Chiyori’s position
E1. Rope no Yujo: Kodama Haruka position
E2. Kayoubi no Yoru, Suiyoubi no Asa: Murashige Anna’s position
E3. AKB medley: Nakanishi Ayaka (Taniguchi Airi) position
E4. Tooku ni Itemo: 17 members

As for units, Sashihara joined “Glory days” and played a position of Shimono Yuki who were absent from today’s show due to injury.

Sato Kazuya
Fiinally it’s started.
First song is Bokura no Kaze.

Search for Sashiko!!! It’s bee long since we last did this!!

I think that girl who are placing her hand on her chest is Sassy?

I’d never imagines that the day would come that we once again search for Sashiko…..

↑ That means this is real Shonichi for her (´-ω-`)
Next song is Mango No.2
I can’t figure out who is Sassy….
What the point of this photo reporting when we can’t even spot Sassy~~~~!!!!!!
Te o Tsunaginagara. The venue is heated up!!
I’ve started realize the reality that Sassy is now in HKT48。゚(゚´Д`゚)゚。

Chime ha LOVE SONG. This is a favorite of not only fans but  members.
Rino-chan~~~~!!!! (^o^)/

Finally I could find you!!! (*^o^*)

He for the first time uploaded a photo where we can spot Sashiko lol

Rino-chan!! This is a vivid photo, isn’t this!?

Rino-chan is still hunched  back lol lol

Fan report on Twitter
Kodama: “Team H will go with 17 members~ from now~”

I think it’s the best way to avoid conflict(´-ω-`)

Though Haruppi said team H = 17 members,
Rino-chan said it hasn’t yet determined which team she will belong to.

Fan report on Twitter
Sashihara herself said “Though a team that I belong to hasn’t yet decided.”

Fan report on Twitter
Sashihara: “So as I’m the oldest member of HKT48, I am like Cindy for me, here in HKT48, so I do my job to play a role of ‘elder woman'”

Not saying Shinoda….. her unique sense of member’s name choice lol

Glory days. Rino-chan call welled up from the audience.

Rino-chan call!!!

Good job,  Sashi Ota in Fukuoka!!!!!!!

Sashihara sings Glory days…..!? this made my heart….

But….. it looks like this costume is designed 
completely for Junior highshool girls….. 

Togasaki Tomonobu
Nice…. Looks so fun, spinning around….

Togachan…. from now you are today’s reporter!!

Togachan got interested in a rolling stage lol

I think Togachan is a good photographer!

I think these 3 girls has become a little matured lately.
Ueki Nao play the position of Taniguchi Airi, because she is absent from today’s show.

Instead of focusing on members, he put focus on faces of audience !?

That’s what I’m thinking about lol

Ame no Pianist. After a cute number, they did 180, and now perform this song that has a matured mood. Te o Tsunaginagara Stage has a wide range of songs.

What struck me is how close audience seats are to the Stage in this theater!!
I must go!! I gotta win lotteries and go there!!!
Uhmmmmm I’m getting impatient…. 
LOL That’s my line!!!
What an awesome photo for those who have a fetish for a back of the head…..

Fan report on twitter

Sashihara is dancing in a center to the hook of Innocence….!

Center for Innocence!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Center for innocence!?!? Hooray━(゚∀゚)━!!!!!

Uhmmmmm because the lighting is too strong…. I’s difficult to take fine photographs….???
Sato-san!! Hang in there!!!
…..Mr. Sato started making an excuse…..

Fan report on twitter

And she plays a center for the next song, Romance Rocket.

Uhmmmm anyway, I want him to improve a quality of photos…
It’s like the early period of YonPara….

Romance Rocket. This is also a members favorite song.

In the 1st photo, she is completely being a center!!

My ideal image

LOL Ideal image is so cool!!!
Far from ideal images…… lol

Fan report on twitter

Anai: “I want to do bungee jump with Sashihara-san.”

LOL What the heck she is talking about.
She made such a tough request from the beginning!!!

Please stop it~~~!!

Chihiron~~~~~ You’re so courageous!!

Nice!! lol

Koi no Keiko to Taisaku. I received opinions from fans that my photo is distant from the object. I will come close to members from the next time.

My ideal image

Fan report on twitter

Sugamoto: “Sashihara-san, you said the team you belong to hasn’t yet decided, but you know what? You are already a member of team H.”



Sassy wanted someone to notice and retort to her remark?

Sashihara is teasing Murashige to her heart’s content

That exactly what I expected!!!!!

Teasing A~nya is as difficult as…. say, to beat the last boss of DQ1 at level 10!!!!

Somehow she started looking like CIndy to my eyes….

Fan report on twitter

Sashihara’s MC is actually funny that I can laugh out loud.

Fan report on twitter

Sashihara: “I’m actually banned from doing Otagei by my agency….. but yeah it doesn’t matter, does it?? Can I?? Okay, ‘Ro~~~Ma~~Nnnn~~~Suuuu~~~~’ You know, this is what I’ve learned in AKihabara!!”


It sounds like they are having so much fa(*^o^*)
I’m so envious of those who are at the theater~~~!!!

Sashihara further teasing Murashige.

Rino-chan never stops messing around with members lol

And his photo is now improving(.・v・)ノ

Fan report on twitter

Murashige: “You know what? Yuukosu has much bigger boobs (than Sashihara) lollol”

 LOL She shot back at Sashiko!!

She retorted Sassy lollol

But most of then are bigger than Sashihara, aren’t they??

Murashige make all flat chested members against her lol

Probably Sashiko arranged this skit with Murashige in advance.
Good job Sashiko!

And thanks to Sashiko, now we have this awesome pair, Sashiko and A~~nya!!

Daisuki. They sing with true feeling….!

He is getting improved!!

I don’t think this image is a fail!!

Ideal image

LOL Miyawaki and Motomura in the ideal image are so cute!!

Rope no Yujo.


He returned to Ponkotsu….


This is too aweful…

Ideal Image

AKB Single medley. Now playing Flying Get

So she is playing her original position for this song??

Yeah I think she is playing a position for 9th spot.

As early as today, she has already become Hentai lady.

Fan report on twitter

Sashihara: “II touched various body parts of Yuukosu” 

We gotta leak this to Lovetan!!

Lovetan would say “Sassy’s love for me is empty!!” again during MC lol

Tooku Ni Itemo. The last song is performed by all 17 members.

Fan report on twitter

Maikomu: “My charming point is actually pouting lips”
Sashihara: “My best friend in AKB48 also has nice lips, so I love lips!!”



She is now in team H!!