(Results) SKE48 Preliminary contest for 2012 Janken tournament in Nagoya (and 3 other topics on Unagi in Taiwan, Sashiko and Majisuka3)

  July 6, 2012

Yuasa Hiroshi

AKB48 29th Single Senbtasu Janken tournament, SKE48 preliminary contest.
Now all matches has finished.

Team S: Nakanishi Yuuka, Hiramatsu Kanako
Team Kll: Sato Seira, Sato Mieko
Team E: Kobayashi Ami, Takagi Yumana, Ueno Kasumi, Kimoto Kanon

Total 8 members will advance to Bubo-Kan!!


S: 2, Kll: 2, E: 4, KKS: 0
1gen: 4, 2gen: 0, 3gen: 1, 4gen: 3, 5gen: 0,
Uhmmmm I really wanted ManatsuuuuUUUUU to win this battle, but… you know… her smile after she lost to Nishishi, I can’t say anymore….
Yuasa Hiroshi
The first final match is Mukaida vs Nakanishi!!!
Mic battle has started!!!

Mukaida vs Nakanishi

The winner is….. Nakanishi!!
All of the winners are such low-key members except Kanon-tan!!
I bet Seira will go with Bikini for the final tournament!!

I was cracked up as although Kll 2 has 2 winners, 2gen has zero!!
I’m looking forward to hearing what that girl who loves 2gen will say!! (←Churi)
If Manatsu, Kuumin and Rena won the battle, then I couldn’t ask more, but personally I’m content with the result as KanaKana survived!!

It’s astounding that half of the winners are from E…!!
For those light fans, they have Nishishi, Mokyu and Kanon-tan so I think this line-up has a good balance!!

Majisuka3 30 seconds teaeser


“Don’t touch My Back!!” (in monotone voice)

She is not at all Waruru….

I basically don’t expect much from her in the first place.

As I expected, she has left a lot to be desired…

I have a bad feeling that she will completely market herself as a ham actress with this Drama….

Anyway, because this is Paruru, we can watch in a very relaxed manner, because we don’t expect outstanding acting from her^^ And she will surely make this grim setting of Drama more easygoing lol

Sashihara to have 2 more regular TV shows in Fukuoka

Chief editor at Scramble egg magazine on twitter

Sashihara Rino’s new regular TV progarm “Tamariba” will start airing from July 11 on TNC TV West-Japan, 14:58~16:00.
Sashihara Rino’s new regular TV progarm “Asadesu KBC.” will start airing from July 12 on KBS Kyushu Asahi-broadcast.

Somehow Kitarie is Superstar (?) in Taiwan

LOL Una is surprisingly liked so much by Taiwanese people!!