Back to the basic: Sashihara Rino (2008)

  June 30, 2012

This thread was written originally from Apr to Aug in 2008.
She made her first stage appearance in Mar 1 2008 as a back dancer in B3rd Pajama Drive. In August 2 she was promoted to a regular member of team B. 2 months later, she was selected for Senbatsu in Ogoe Diamond.

This thread is dedicated to support Sashihara Rino-chan, (15, born in Oita) who are the Under of Tomochin in A4th Tadaima Rennaichu Revival Stage, and back dancer for B3rd Pajama Drive Stage.

She is so cute~~~~ She is thin and slim, I love her~~~!!

I basically like thin and slim girls and thought the same as you as I  watched today’s stage~!
She tickles my inner pedophine~

So she is now in the first grade of high school?


I want her to introduce her nickname, because…..without a certain nickname I can’t be sure how to call her…

So let’s make her nickname!
How about Ri~chan?

But I heard Chiichan called her Sassy.

Yeah she called her like that.
And it caused laughter in the theater  lol

She is Sassy because she is Scorpio…. it’s deep lol

So is it okay to call like, “Sassy~~~ Let’s go~~!!”

I saw her yesterday.
I liked the fact that she has a slender frame, typical cute-girl looks and frail appearance….
But when she speaks, she has an unexpectedly  deep voice,
And maybe her personality is just like girls nowadays…?

Oh really~?
It’s a bit surprising.
So she may become having a big mouth as she gets used to stage performance?

Her character can be described simply like this, “She likes idols more than anything else”
It seems that she liks Hello Pro, Charm or Yumetamago etc.

She said when she gets nervous, she looks at photos of Ishii Kaori lol
What kind of direction she is heading for lol

Gravure idol Ishii Kaori

Honestly, among current KKS, Sashihara-chan and Kihatara-chan are the only promising members, I think/
It’s like “Wow we could finally find you!!” 
Yubihara-chan Kawaii~ lol

This girl has a very thin-looking. Super cute….

When she was a back dancer, she looked like Kitarie, but yesterday, she looked different from Kitarie.

I had an impression that she is the opposite of Kitarie-chan, because…. I felt that she is kinda sly compared to KItarie-chan who exudes a more innocent feel.
LOL She is not sly at all!!

I heard it’s because she has a bad eye sight that she has a bit nasty look in her eyes.

I think the reason she looked sly to you is because she was nervous and her facial muscle got tensed?
Lately as she has got used to stage performance, she’s come to  smile naturally more than before.
And that smile is so cute…. somehow it looks so innocent.
I think another reason she looks sly is because she has a hunched back.
But to me, that hunched back is actually so cute….

I’ve never seen her. Is she cute?
Not so much.

Looks-wise, she is cute, but over all, not so much.
I think Rino-era is coming.

Recently, even in team K’s stage, we can clearly see KKS (5gen) has much more communication with kind senior members like Sae, Kana or Nattumi~.
And it looks like Rino-chan is favorited by those senior members, right?
Yeah, Sassy is liked very much by senior members!

I think Rino-chan will definitely become very popular=(>ε<*)  Firm expect!!

Her dance movement is firm(stiff).

But I like that stiff movement.
She is ridiculously popular at KKS Stage, too!
I am expecting that probably she writes the most funny text message of all current KKS members.

Yeah yeah, she can be a top-class funny writer even among all AKB48 members., I think

Sure she is cute, but the reason why I’ve chosen her my Oshi is her inside is soooooo eccentric lol
How about Sashihara’s boobs??
She is a kind of person who is flat chested…..

I can’t understand why she is that popular….?
Because she can talk funny, she is Ota and shares the same topics with Ota fans? nd these things make her familiar to you?

And…. another thing is that she hasn’t improved her stage performance that much even though she played Under of Umechan for coutless times lol
Though I don’t think she dances skillfully, I like her dance move.

Me, too. Her stiff movement somehow captures my heart lol

I’m sorry…. I’d thought she was Yubihara until a sec ago.
I don’t think she is cut out for appearing in TV shows.

I think maybe because her facial expression is still awkward as she easily gets nervous, she would get a bad reception if her wrong image is spread through media outlets.

But that awkwardness is what made me her Ota.
I, too, like her awkwardness but still it hasn’t come to the point that it would be favorably received by general public…

You’re right. Ota tend to love the awkwardness which is the reflection of freshness or inexperienced-ness. But to be fair, she is not a type of girl who can become popular through TV appearance/
But… I’m sure that she will improve herself from now on.

So she looks completely different in photos she attaches to text messages (Mobame), but actually very cute when seeing in person.
I bet that if she improved her expression, she would become enormously popular. Because first of all, she is very funny!

Rino-chan is Rino-chan. She doesn’t have to change her nature.

According to N Nacchi, Rino-chan is talented in comedy.

But I would rather not see her being a comedian. It’s hurting to see cute girls playing comedy….
It looks like she is good at retorting rather than making a funny remark.

Meetan impersonated Sassy in Oyatsu Stage (3PM stage).
She said Sassy has a habit to touch her nose when she talks.
And…. Sassy was called Sashihara by Kana…..

Sashihara is the most beautiful girl in AKB.
She is a beautiful girl but she behave in a suspicious manner like so awkward as if she committed a severe crime lol

It seems that she is a deep person…