Details of AKB48 28th Single "UZA" and one more about IWA owns Shimazaki

  September 18, 2012

KING RECORDS released details about AKB48’s 28th’s Single “UZA”.


Okada Takashi 23:55

From the press conference for the new Janken Senbatsu.

Though junior and high school girls couldn’t attend the press event,

Paruru was so brilliant there. (The press event was held at TBS)



LOL Please don’t be so prim and proper!!!!!

National Idol IWA!!

She completely owns Center….. LOL

This outstanding aura of IWA….!!

Uchida Mayumi 0:06am

I’m so sorry to ramp around to my satisfaction!

Everyone, thank you so much(^o^)

Uchida Mayumi 9/19 0:07

It’s the first time I received so many comments! I’m so happy! sob*

For the first time in a long time, I left a comment to members!!


Matsui Sakiko 0:10am

Today’s MVP is IWA, you!( *`ω´)

Sakiko! Nice comment!!

Shisho actually did a really amazing job!

Kayano Shinobu 1:11am

Personally I wanted to watch chaotic version of Heavy Rotation by Date Masamune (Iwata Karen), Sanba (Shinohara Kanna), Hula girl (Tano Yuka), ChapuChapu (Watanabe Miyuki), Lemon, Badass (Shimada Haruka) and IWA.

IWA…. You left the legend today…… Certainly…..