Details of AKB48 TOKYO Dome Concert released!

  July 10, 2012

It’s announced~~~~!!!

The announcement of pre-order for AKB48 live concert “AKB48 in TOKYO DOME ~1830m no Yume”

Here we announce that the detail about pre-order and schedule of the live concert  which will be held from Aug 24 to 26.

“Some day, we’ll hold a concert in Tokyo dome”. Members have been sweating everyday with this keyword in their mind for 6 and half years. They smiled a lot, they cried a lot. The distance between AKB48 theater and TOKYO Dome is only 1,830m. It’s very close, but……. it was very far away.

Takahashi Minami put it into this word, “This is the start line that we’ve finally reached after 6 and half years.”

Thanks to you all, they could keep holding their dream. Because you’ve been here, supporting girls, they could never give up moving forward. We are sincerely grateful to all of you!!

And finally, it’s time that we can announce this to you….!!

“Let’s meet in TOKYO Dome!!”

☆”AKB48 in TOKYO DOME ~1830m no Yume~”
Aug 24 (Fri) Entry 16:00~ / Show 18:00~
Aug 25 (Sat) 15:00~
Aug 26 (Sun) 15:00~
Target seats for pre-order
・Designated seat: 6,800Yen
・Sitting down audience seat: 6,800yen

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AKB48 theater Maeda Atuko’s graduation Stage.
As we announced during today’s Stage, Maeda Atuko’s graduation Stage will he held on Aug 27 (Mon)
We will announce details of this Stage later.

What a straight forward title lol

Of course I want to go to 3rd day, but even though it’s Dome, I think it would be highly competitive to get tickets….

And as for 1st day, it’s about how many people want to see AKB48’s Shonichi in Tokyo Dome concert!!

I’ve been supporting AKB48 from my home for 2 years and never attended any concerts or events. But even so, I think this Tokyo dome concert is something that I’m eager to watch in person, I want to share the moment with all of you. Because this will be a historic moment and turning point of AKB48, I feel I will definitely feel regret if I don’t go there.
Anyway, I think there are a lot of Ota like me.

I hope people like you apply for 1st or 2nd day….. Please….. let Acchan Ota to get final day’s tickets as much as possible…..
Sorry…. this is just a selfish request of me, so don’t mind…

↑x2 You’re exactly like me!!
Final day will be ridiculously competitive….

But even so, it will be like around 10% of people applied for tickets will win.
Because… you know, this time the venue is huge.
I think we will have a good chance to win tickets for 1st day.

I think probably they will live stream the final day on G+.

Yeah, it may be possible.

The final day of Acchan in AKB48 is not TD but a theater Stage held on a following day.
I’m doubtful that so many people flock to the final day of Dome concert…..

But only the limited number of people can watch Stage performance at theater,
so for most of us, the final day of Dome concert is the last chance to watch her performance live.

If you want to enjoy Maeda Atsuko’s graduation, then the only choice is 3rd day,
but if you are looking forward to “Surprise”, then chances are 2nd or 1st day.

Pre-order period is only like 3days, but I don’t think more than ten thousands of seats will be sold out in that short period…..
I guess it will be actually easy to win a ticket for the final day.

I REALLY wish to win a ticket…..!!
By the way, what is the capacity of this venue compared to SSA in March?
I went to Aerosmith’s concert in Tokyo dome last year, but I was surprised that there were few audience in stadium seats.. .

SSA: 25,000 people
TD: About 50,000 people
I guess they will sell tickets for bleacher seats as “Sound only seats” or “Most of view is blocked” seats in a different occasion.

Anyway, I will probably go to this concert, but….
I think Dome concert is not necessarily a great live concert vbenue.
Members will be like rice grains from stadium seats…..

But….. SSA’s cyalume were so beautiful~~~~.

Things like Dome’s bleacher seats will probably make me feel like a sage, as I may be unable to see almost anything from there.
It will be like “Sit down, watching a big screen, eating snacks, munch munch”…

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