Yasushi Akimoto Apologizes For The Sudden Graduation Announcement of Atsuko Maeda

  March 29, 2012

The chief producer of AKB48, Yasushi Akimoto aka Akip, put his comment on google+ apologizing for the sudden announcement of the graduation of Atsuko Maeda, which forced sponsors, ads and marketing agencies, and record labels into confusion.

It is common practice to notice in advance about the important matters like marriage, pregnancy, and graduation kind. AkiP commented “It was my duty to tell people who are involved in AKB about this matter in advance. The reason why I didn’t do that is I wanted to let Maeda have chance to choose whether to graduate or not until the very last moment.”
“Now, some time after the announcement, stories about how I troubled people who work with us are starting to come into my ears.”
“I’m sorry. This is solely my fault. All responsibility is on me.”

About Atsuko Maeda, he wrote “I said ‘You don’t have to think anymore. Just listen to your inner voice and make your decision.’ To say that words was tough for me. But I think my words helped her such honest confession of her feeling to audience.” He ended the comment with his impression to Maeda’s smile, “Her smile after the speech was really amazing, wasn’t it?”

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