Thoughts and Impression of AKB48 28th Single “UZA”

  September 18, 2012

I actually thought this was EXILE


As always, it’s really hard to guess what (Akimoto) Yasushi is thinking…

Sayanee (Yamamoto Sayaka) was so awesome….
It’s worth watching just for her dancing…
But as for the song itself….
Maybe I don’t like it??

This is the best thing ever.
No room for Ota-gei, which means this can be popular among the general public.
This is the song I want to sing in Karaoke!

Somehow, I LOL’d.

Chorus part was kind of iffy…
I can’t even imagine as I listen to this repeatedly, my impression will change…

If this (concept for Choreo) is meant to be something like “Beginner”, I like “Beginner” much better…

But won’t this sell million?

Wait….. I actually like this, but seems you guys don’t like it? Whoa LOL

Come on, this is composed by Yoshimasa-sensei. Don’t complain about it!

This is the same thing I thought about “RIVER” and “Beginner”, but AKB must do choreo that is easier to be done by multiple members.
Though I guess, Akimoto’s intention is to make AKB look more cool…

Compared to “Gingham Check”, I should say…. this is decent.
But they went to drastic.
Those who can accept “Plastic no Kuchibiru”, like me, this song is not a problem, but for most of AKB fans, this song may be not Hit…

↑ On the contrary, I love “Gingham check” so much.
It just comes down to our own preferences.

As always, it sounds so weird when you listen to it for the first time.

What’s the reason they chose Double Center system?

They will gradually switch to Single Center, I guess.

This is a type of song we will love as we listen to it over and over.
I think it’s good to challenge new genres.
And it’s understandable that they chose (Oshima) Yuko and (Matsui) Jurina, whose dancing skills are relatively good.

Looks like only Oshima could dance in the breakdown part decently.
Sayanee must improve herself.

↑LOL I think Sayanee danced it far more beautifully than Oshima.

Their Costumes are nice, but I think I didn’t want that male dancers….
Song-wise….I’m horrified…

What is this enormous “Whatta????” feeling…?

If they change the original voices of members, I think it doesn’t make any change no matter who sing this song….

Why don’t they create Dance Senbatsu and let em sing this song….

Finally AKB welcomed male members…

Just sounds like Itano’s solo songs…
If this is AKB, why not other members to play back dancers!?!?

Really? This style is supposed to be something like “Beginner”?
Anyway, even though their singing is awful, no doubt that this single will sell million…

The whole venue: “……”

So, of course, we can come to meet and shake hands with those dancers at Kobetsu Handshake event?

Smells like K-POP….

I think this AKB doesn’t need to challenge this genre…

It was mediocrely Uzakatta.

But I hope they did better job for Lyrics…..
And those male back dancers will appear in other song performancea of this song, too??

The reason why AKB’s songs sound good is because we can hear many different quality of voices from many different girls.
But when they autotuned their voices, I can’t tell whose voices are these…..

This spoiled my fun to search for my Oshimen’s voice….

Looks like this is received well on people on Google Plus….?

Why don’t let DIVA or Itano to sing this song???

Anyway, because this is cool style of song, I guess for 30th single, they will select (Watanabe) Mayu and Paruru (Shimazaki Haruka) as Center…..and go with Kawaii style.

Honestly, Intro was really nice, but chorus part was devastating….

“RIVER” and “Beginner” were nice.
But what the hell is this song?!?