28th Single will be performed at Janken Tournament!!

  September 16, 2012

Akimoto Yasushi 21:29 9/16

To Yuasa at King Records.

I kinda feel it’s too early
But because editing of MV hasn’t yet finished,
We have no choice.

Let’s perform the single that will be released in Oct, at Janken tournament on 18th.

And, plan when to release MV.

Murashige Anna 9/16 21:31



I remember, when they first performed Beginner at Janken tournament, I was so exhilarated…

What about Rena?

Sashihara, Sayanee and Matsui Rena will be at Budo-Kan as reporters.

Finally, they will announce who will be the next generation’s center in 2 days…
As we expect, Mayuyu will become Center? Or Jurina? Or other members that few could expect?

I guess, while making fans think Center for 28th Single will be next generation’s ace, the completely different girl will be selected as Center for the 29th single.
Which means they will draw as much attention as possible from fans on this topic, “Who will be the next generation’s Ace”

Beginner: Several members played as Center
Kazefuki: 1st and 2nd members in the election