Maeda Atsuko’s Graduation Performance to be Broadcasted on NHK BS Premium (and How To Guide for 2 Shot Photo event)

  September 1, 2012

That’s what we expect from IshiharaP……

Awesome NHK…. They are the last hope for TV broadcasting….

What the heck is this??? LOL

Dude, Japan is such a peaceful country…..

I LOL’d.
Hilary and Marinatteru…… lol

Hilary made a camero appearance….

They finally started fierce promotion for Kobayashi Marina…..

Gunji-san….. YOU’RE SO CUTE!!!

I LOL’d when Hilary made a surprise appearance!!!!!

Promotion? I think they just did this with some members who have time to kill before a theater performance starts….

Their description for Oto-Seki (Sound Only seats) for the TD concerts or the election, too….. Recently their writing style has gotten even more crazy which is absolutely good. Maybe they hired new staff who have a good sense of humor??