Sushi Hilary (and 3 more stories)

  September 1, 2012
Matsubara Natsumi 8/31 20:49

Now I’m watching Music Station on TV with my younger brother, and he asked me,

“Which one is you?” LOL

Somehow…. I feel like I want to apologize for disappointing you… ( ̄^ ̄)



Today, I cried the hardest this year….

It made me cry as much as the final episode of “a dog of flanders”….

Matsubara Natsumi 8/31 20:49

He is too young to know what “Live-broadcasting” is about….

Wait…. It’s not because he doesn’t know what is “Live-broadcasting”, but it’s because he doesn’t know his sister’s position in AKB48….

Man…. stop it…. it hurts me…..

Nattsumi…. I’ve had enough of your self-deprecating jokes….

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So Kitahara has already given an instruction of her special skill, “Don’t stare at me”, to SKE members…….?? LOL

Hirata Rina 8/31 22:24

I have to work hard on my school assignment, otherwise I won’t be able to submit it in time( p_q) sob*
I gotta finish it tonight!!

So….. I can’t upload “Hilary’s 30 seconds English lesson” tonight….( p_q) sob*
I will be Sushi, so please forgive me…( p_q) sob*

Maguro Hilary is coming right up!

Here we go! Please eat Maguro, Hilary~~~ ↓




Hilary…. You put too much Wasabi in it….. lol

I LOL’d!! Who took this photo, by the way lol

This deep red color…. this is probably Zuke Maguro!!!

LOL It’s too scary…..

Because Rie-chan’s eyes are so big, it felt even scarier!

“Because Riechan has such distinctive facial features…”