Happy A, Bacchikoi K, Wasshoi B and Enjoy 4! AKB48 Team 4 performed Enjoy 4 for the first time

  September 16, 2012

Enjoy 4!!

Togasaki Tomonobu 8:26pm 9/16

The first public performance of…..

“Enjoy 4!”



Happy A, Bacchikoi K, Wasshoi B and Enjoy 4…..!!

It was so much fun!! Team 4’s live concert in Ishikawa!!!
This song started from the idea by members, that they came up with in order to add something new to the setlist of the tour.

Kyoko Nishiyama 20:35 9/16

Nonaka Misato on the move ~ Let’s meet in all 47 prefectures~

Today on Sep 16th, Team 4 went to Ishikawa Prefecture (Kanazawa city)!!!

Speaking of Kanazawa, it’s the first time we went to this city after the promotion of AKB48’s debut single “Sakura no Hanabiratachi” in Mar of 2006?

I remember, at that time, we held an promotional event at the underground mall of Kanazawa station, but passers-by were literally passing by members.

7 years since then, this year, with this tour, we are visiting places we’ve never been too, and places where we’ve been to before.

Please forgive me that I failed to take a photo with a good composition.
Tomorrow, team 4 will come to Shizuoka prefecture\(^o^)/
Haruu, you will make a triumphal return(^_^)


Nonaka Misato 9/16 9:01 PM

Tanochan( ˘ ³˘)♥

Tano Yuka 9/16 21:07


LOL, so today Micha only took a photo of Tanochan? No team photo!?!?

No, it’s delivered as usual!!

Nonaka Misato 9:11 PM 9/16

Live concert in Ishikawa pref☆☆
Good job everyone~~~(˘︶˘).。.:*♥


What happened to Mariyagi…!?

Takahashi Juri 20:53 9/16

We wrapped up our live concert tour in Ichikawa prefecture!!!!

I sweated!!!

Tomorrow, we’re gonna go to Shizuoka!

Looking forward to us~~~~~!(#゜Β゜)/


Everyone, thank you so much for today!!!

Murashige Anna 9/16 21:02

Oshima Ryoka 9/16 21:09

Otsukaresamadesu@ ‘ェ’ @

Ah…. I gotta say… I always love this combi….

Nagao Mariya 9:15 PM 9/16

Ishikawa prefectureー\(^o^)/

We held live concert twice today☆




Kawaei Rina 9:16 PM

We wrapped up today’s tour stage♥

I enjoyed it so much( ・`д・´)♬


Oshima Ryoka 9/16 21:16

Otsukaremasadesu@ ‘ェ’ @!

Koyanagi Yuusa 9/16 21:37

Otsukaresamadesu!! I love you, Juri-chan~!

Tano Yuka 01/01/1990 00:00

Ishikawa~~~ It was so much fun!!

What about you who came to the concert?

We will go to have a nice dinner together(゜∀゜ )

We took this photo after today’s 2nd stage!


Kato Rena 9:30 PM 9/16

Three Gals here(゜゜*)♥

Kawaei Rina 9/16 21:37

It’s not underpants~.
Murashige Anna 9/16 21:47

Whoa! Gals!! LOL
Abe Maria 9/16 23:12

We’re not gals (^o^)

Yamauchi Suzuran 9:34 PM 9/16

Nationwide tour!!

Good sweatー\(^o^)/

Everyone in Ishikawa!!

I love you~~~♥


That thing was so funny!!!( ´ ▽ ` )ノ笑

I took a photo with Micha-san!!

Micha-san is so beautiful….. ♥

Shimazaki Haruka 9/16 21:35


Shimazaki Haruka 9:34 PM

We finished today’s tour stage!


Yamauchi Suzuran 9/16 21:35

Takeuchi Miyu 9/16 21:36

Kobayashi Marina 9/16 21:39

Oshima Ryoka 9/16 21:41

Otsukaresamadesu@ ‘ェ’ @

Ohba Mina 9/17 9:35pm

We finished Ishikawa stage\(^o^)/

I made a mistake in my costume in the 2nd concert stage today…

But staffs told me “It was so nice to see you frantically trying your best!”!!

It’s so nice to hear words like this,

But I want to make it more perfect!!!

I will try my best in tomorrow’s Shizuka stage( ˘ ³˘)♥


So what Uruse~yo is wearing?

Shimada haruka 9:44pm 9/16


Team 4 in Ishikawa, we finished this stage♪

Today, we performed “Enjoy4” for the first time!

My part is “Shimada”! Please remember, everyone~


Fishing by Uruse~yo!!!

Shimada finally learned how to fish…

Shimada Ero….

Uhmmm  It totally doesn’t look sexy….

I would rather want to say “Haruu, Why don’t you wear a jacket….^^”

Kawaei Rina 10:22pm 9/17

NuuuuuUUOOOOO( ・`д・´)♥

Tomorrow’s live concert in Shizuoka, GanbaRicchan♬

Hirata Rina 9/16 22:22

Izuta Rina 9/16 22:28

I want to try this one next time♪
Tano Yuka 9/16 22:40


Kawaei is gradually changing her personality, I guess?

Or she has been like this from the beginning? LOL

Kawaei is so upbeat about making a face!

By the way, Kawaei calls Tanochan, Yuchan, not Tanochan or Yuka.

Ricchan is cute and has a nice personality…

She is just too awesome~