NMB48 Watanabe Miyuki’s sleepover with a guy as reported by Shukan Bunshun

Watanabe Mayu: The safest and most trustworthy choice

Kawaii ha Seigi

Team 8 Yokoyama Yui joins the list of the victims of Paruru The Doctor’s Salty Barbs

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These Kawaei Rina moments bring tears to your eyes


Here are the best moments of AKB48 Kawaei Rina to celebrate. Feel free to chime with yours 🙂 Bonus! These Kawaei Rina moments bring tears to your eyes So long,

Fans tell all: AKB48 Members That I’d Have As My Pet In My Imaginative World


Bet you had that moment when AKB48 members are just so cute that you think “Boy what if I’d have ‘mini’ version of her and have her live in my

Soon-to-be-graduate SKE48 Matsui Rena and BKA48 Kawaei Rena perform Center in Heavy Rotation for The Music Day


The first time ever Heavy Rotation performance with Multiple Centers. (Heavy Rotation ~ Aitakatta) AKB48 41st single (Center: Sosenkyo winner Sashihara Rino) will be unveiled around 8:30 PM JST in

AKB48 Kawaei Rina joins Avex Vanguard, large talent agency, to pursue her acting career


AKB48 Kawaei Rina, who will graduate the group on August 4, joins Avex, powerful talent agency that represents top actresses like Sawajiri Erika.

AKB48 let SKE48 Matsui Rena and BKA48 Kawaei Rina perform Center in Heavy Rotation to commemorate their graduation


July 4th “The Music Day” Performance will be the first time ever that Heavy Rotation is performed with two Centers. AKB48 will debut their 41th single’s lead song in the

AKB48 40th Single “Bokutachi wa Tatakawanai” Senbatsu Members announced, Shimazaki Haruka as center – Iriyama Anna declined senbatsu position


[snip:simple-image imgurl=”http://www.akb48wup.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/03/150326_akb48-40th-single-senbatsu_main-picture.jpg” imgtitle=”AKB48 40th Single “Bokutachi wa Tatakawanai” Senbatsu Members announced” alignment=”center” maxwidth=”90%”] Senbatsu members for AKB48’s 40th Single, “Bokutachi wa Tatakawanai” ( 僕たちは戦わない ) was announced today during AKB48’s

AKB48 Members Surprise Spring Shuffle at Saitama Super Arena (03/26), Kawaei Rina’s Graduation Announcement


Member reactions to Kawaei Rina’s graduation announcement from AKB48 [snip:simple-image imgurl=”http://www.akb48wup.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/03/150326_akb48-tandoku-concert-shuffle_concert-title.jpg” imgtitle=”AKB48 Members Surprise Spring Shuffle at Saitama Super Arena” alignment=”center” maxwidth=”90%”] [snip:simple-image imgurl=”http://www.akb48wup.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/03/150326_akb48-tandoku-concert-shuffle_blog.jpg” imgtitle=”AKB48 Members Surprise Spring Shuffle at

Top 10 Most Erotic AKB48 members


[snip:simple-image imgurl=”http://www.akb48wup.com/wp-content/uploads/2014/08/0815_top-10-most-erotic-akb48-members_001.jpg” imgtitle=”Top 10 Most Erotic AKB48 SKE48 NMB48 HKT48 Members” alignment=”center” maxwidth=”80%”] [snip:line-spacer] Sexiness undoubtedly plays a big part in selling magazines in Japan. If you visit any convenient

Kawaei Rina is Heavy Rotation’s Center in her comeback stage!


Source: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Hw0_2oSUR8s What a comeback! As everyone knows, Kawaei Rina was on forced hiatus after the unfortunate event, and her comeback had been much anticipated by fans. And tonight, she

Full version of AKB48’s 37th Single – Kokoro no Placard broadcasted on All Night Nippon, Kawaei Rina passes her Medicinal Cooking Coordinator course!


[snip:pink-header-module title=”Kawaei Rina passes her Medicinal Cooking Coordinator course!” color=”#fe7dbf”] [snip:simple-image imgurl=”http://www.akb48wup.com/wp-content/uploads/2014/07/58509-DSCN1413.jpg” imgtitle=”AKB48 Kawaei Rina passes her Medicinal Cooking Coordinator course!” alignment=”center” maxwidth=”80%”] [snip:line-spacer] During last night’s AKB48 ANN (

AKB48’s first public performance of Kokoro no Placard, Kawaei Rina returns (+ NyanParu lunch)!


[snip:pink-header-module title=”AKB48 performed their new single, Kokoro no Placard!” color=”#fe7dbf”] [snip:simple-image imgurl=”http://www.akb48wup.com/wp-content/uploads/2014/07/the-music-day_2014.jpg” imgtitle=”The Music Day” alignment=”center” maxwidth=”100%”] [snip:simple-image imgurl=”http://www.akb48wup.com/wp-content/uploads/2014/07/akb48_kokoro-no-placard_01.jpg” imgtitle=”AKB48’s 37th Single Kokoro no Placard” alignment=”center” maxwidth=”90%”] [snip:line-spacer] During today’s

AKB48 Iriyama Anna & Kawaei Rina injured by a saw-wielding man during handshake event in Iwate


[snip:simple-image imgurl=”http://www.akb48wup.com/wp-content/uploads/2014/05/31c8c4c0-616×346.jpg” imgtitle=”AKB48 Kawaei Rina and Iriyama Anna injured during Handshake event in Iwate” alignment=”center” maxwidth=”80%”] [snip:image-caption]AKB48 member Kawaei Rina (19 y.o) and Iriyama Anna (18 y.o)[snip:close-snippet] Our heart and

AKB48 Arcade Shoot-em-up “Sailor Zombie” gameplay preview is open to public!


The hints of a shoot-em-up arcade game featuring AKB48 have been dropped by Bandai Namco Games for a while now, they’ve even got an official micro site to feature the

AKB48 Insomnia – Daily Night Randomness


[snip:pink-header-module title=”Q: ‘What do you text him to make his heart pound?’” color=”#fe7dbf”] AKB48 girls exhibited some real fabulousness on AKBINGO February 11 episode. [snip:line-spacer] Kanon: “Hey… Do you want to see…

AKB48 Members’ Popularity based on Social Media Reach


Am not sure if you guys are aware but I’m a bit of a social media enthusiast, so it’s just a matter of time before I do something ridiculous like

Kojima Haruna hints her graduation, Oshima Yuko cries at Akimoto Sayaka’s graduation concert


last night, Tokyo Dome was literally sea of green, the team K’s theme color. It’s one of the miracles that AKB48 and it’s fans brought to this earth. This time

Please give me picture of members being lovey-dovey with each other!!!


PLEASE! Give me picture of members being lovey-dovey ♡ with each other!!! [snip:simple-image imgurl=”http://i.imgur.com/ErBhbnt.jpg” imgtitle=”Watanabe Miyuki – Minegishi Minami Lovey Dovey” alignment=”center” maxwidth=”50%”] [snip:simple-image imgurl=”http://i.imgur.com/O292ih3.jpg” imgtitle=”Tomonaga Mio – Murashige Anna