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Q: 'What do you text him to make his heart pound?'

AKB48 girls exhibited some real fabulousness on AKBINGO February 11 episode.

Kanon: “Hey… Do you want to see… (something)??”



Takamina: “Midnight Explosion!!” #X-rated

Naachan: “Where do you think am I right now? RIGHT BEHIND YOU!”

Murashige: “What if I say ‘I want to see you right now?’ <3<3<3”

Q: 'Give him words that immidiately cure his cold!!'

Rena: “If you will get well by tomorrow, I’ll let you date me!”

Yukirin: “Kiss me, so you can transfer your cold to me<3”

Churi: “You can’t be bothered to drink the medicine? Ok.. then… I guess I have no choice but to feed it for you mouth-to-mouth”

Sayanee: “I’ll put suppositories in your butt. Take your pants off.”

Takamina: “When will you get well? RIGHT NOW!”

Shiba Tomoya  

Today’s Furukawa.

Letters on her tights read: “Dodododo-n” & “Zugyuuuuun”

Both are sound effects from her favorite anime “Jojo”

SPA’s pictorial, with a bunch of stunning pix, about SKE48 Nagodo concert

Pedo Masana 😀

One can’t be more blunt than  Tanochan.

Ryoka, a Ksgk: “Tanochan, Shut The Fuck Up!!”

“If Saho and Nakki were in the same class with me”, Moe says, “I’d never be very close with them.”