NMB48 Draft Members debut handshake, Aigasa Moe performing Dear J is totally Tomochin (and a bunch more!)

  February 12, 2014

Every holiday in Japan was the day when fans could get to meet AKB48 group girls as all 4 groups of the group held handshake events, each in different venues, and yesterday, February 11, National Foundation Day, was no exception!

Various fresh faces and combinations performed at the event, some of them, you’d never have a chance to see except this event that carried out in a really friendly mood, and Google+ and tweets/buzzes from fans are the only way to take a peek at the event if you’re living outside Japan, and good news for us is, as you know, Yuasa is doing a decent job at this (Where is Togasaki anyway?)!!

Aigasa Moe, the reincarnation (lol) of Itano Tomomi, sings Dear J

And she bought this costume by herself (at Rakuten)!!

According to her google plus post she posted after the show, she revealed that staffs told her if she was willing to perform “Dear J” at famous “Yuru Yuru Karaoke” (Laid-Back/Loose Karaoke), a small segment that is taken place at the performance stage of Handshake event.

Her answer was, of course, positive, she was so happy because it’s a song by Itano Tomomi, the Ex-AKB48 star she admires so much!!

Aigasa Moe performing Dear J is totally Tomochin

Note: Aigasa Moe’s, for lack of a better word, Tomochinization has been a big topic of conversation not only among AKB48 fans but all the young people, because after all Tomochin *was* one of the first girls you’d know when you started knowing about AKB48.

Aigasa Moe dressed in “Ponytail to Chouchou” marine costume.

Wow…. That’s crazy..

And at Request Hour Setlist 2014 day 1&2, Moe also performed “Seifuku Resistance” with Tanochan & Ryoka.

That’s crazy, no wonder her uncanny resemblance to Tomochin surprised 1st generation members.

Tkmn: “Did u see that girl totally looks like Tomochin?”
Nyan: “I saw her yesterday!”
Miichan: “I heard she’s become a big topic!”

From MC of Request Hour

Tanochan: “You’re the best! Back when you were performing RESET as a stand-in for Itano-san, everybody said that you totally looked Tomochin!”

Karen: “Moechin is so freakingly cool!”

Aigasa Moe’s Tomochinazation is unstoppable!

#Izuta Rina dressed as Ami of E-Girls sings 'Gomenasai no Kiss'

This is also from Feb 11 Handshake event, and probably the typical case that shows why “YuruYuru Karaoke” is called “YuruYuru”… haha

Abe Maria, Izuta Rina, Fujita Nana and Chikano Rina sang “Gomen’nasai no Kissing You” by E-girls, an off-shoot female dance and vocal group of EXILE empire state.

LMFAO!! Is she trying to be Saiyan?? lol (or Kyarry IzuIzu?)

No, please don’t mock her, she’s actually impersonating AMI, a member of E-girls who is blonde, and which means she’s Center for this performance! I’m pretty sure that she exercised her political power to have gotten featured, coz she is a head of the largest group of AKB48 (called Oyazuna-kai)?

Don’t mess with Izurina, coz she is…. BOSS!

#Tanochan for lyfe!!

Coz she rocks…!!

#NMB48 pair photoshoot event (bonus for 8th single 'Kamonegix')

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#Ota Aika a.k.a. Lovetan's amazing weight loss!

She shared this photo, where a photo of herself 1 year ago and today is put next to each other. She said she lost about 7 kilograms over the past year, leaving only 3 or 4 kilo until she reaches her ideal weight.

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#HKT48 handshake event, NMB48 Draft members HS debut

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Draft members of NMB48, Naiki Kokoro, Iso Kanae, Takei Sara, Sudo Ririka made their debut at handshake event yesterday at ATC hall, Osaka, and they started blogging at NMB48 official ameba blog page!

Naiki Kokoro

Iso Kanae


And team N’s first round and only pick, Sudo Ririka, a photo from AKB48 cafe namba?

and Takei Sara-chan!