JKT48 Rena Nozawa (野澤玲奈) is now listed under Team Mitei on AKB48’s Official Website

  June 20, 2013

JKT48 Rena Nozawa is listed under AKB48 Team Mitei
The AKB48 Official Website has updated its “Members Section” to include the recently announced concurrent member, JKT48 Team J’s Rena Nozawa.

Mitei (未定) in itself literally means “not yet fixed; undecided; pending”.

Nozawa Rena in AKB48 TheatreOn Wednesday, 19th of June 2013, she went to Team A’s performance in Akihabara.
Matsui Sakiko 19 June 2013 - 9:27 PM

The performance is over!!
This is a photo of me and Rena Nozawa, who is a member of AKB and holds a concurrent post in JKT48.
Although your team is not yet decided, I look forward to work with you. ^_^

So she’s already in Akiba…
She looks more reliable as an interpreter compared to Hilary lol
168cms?! She’s quite tall eh!
So this is JKT’s Renapyon
They (AKS) didn’t specifically created Team Mitei just for this, did they?!

Source: Matomember, Asahi Shinbun Digital