Fans tell all: AKB48 Members That I’d Have As My Pet In My Imaginative World

  July 31, 2015

Bet you had that moment when AKB48 members are just so cute that you think “Boy what if I’d have ‘mini’ version of her and have her live in my pocket? That’d be awesome!!” lol

AKB48 Members That You Secretly Want As Your Pet

  • Oshima Yuko

    Because I always wanted a squirrel as a pet and yuko would make the perfect choice lol

  • Takahashi Minami

    She’s freaking cute and my hero she gives me hope to continue life… i wish i could get a courage letter from her or a necklace from her.. i would treasure it forever!! TAKAMINA is my hero!!

  • Anna Murashige

    Who wouldn’t want a pet monkey who would entertain and grope girls for you? I mean, isn’t she one of the most perfect pets you’ve ever seen? She’d be glad to make you laugh anytime!

  • Ego Yuna

    She’s just too cute, like a baby kitten but she’s quite funny as well.

  • Kawaei Rina

    She’s like cute, cuddly animal to me. I want to have a cuddle clone of her to always keep with me!

  • Nakagawa Haruka

    She’s fun to be around, does what she wants whenever she wants, but is still self sufficient/hardworking and doesnt need alot of help or care.

  • Matsui Jurina

    She is like an adorable puppy you want to spoil and shower with love.

  • Miyazato Rira

    She’s obviously everyone’s ideal pet – or even not a pet, just someone super cute to have around!

  • Shimazaki Haruka

    Paruru will make a cute neco, her voice is so cute like a kitten’s voice. She’s super cute and you just feel like pinching her cheeks and hugging her forever!