Fans pick: Next wave of young AKB48 talent that you can’t take your eyes off of!

  July 21, 2015

Tell the world one young AKB48 member that really gets you every time you see her on social media or in music video, perforamnce or w/e!

Next wave of young AKB48 talent that you can’t take your eyes off of

  • Iriyama Anna

    Precisely speaking, she isn’t considered to be “young-generation member” no more, but it makes no sense not to add her to this list. Known as one of the perfect beauties of AKB48, she has smooth porcelain skin, proportionally long limbs for her small frame (she’s only 160cm) and a heart-melting sweet voice to accompany them. Her teammates at team A said her beauty resembles that of an angel, sent straight from heaven. On a personal note, I think she has a very beautiful face.

  • Taniguchi Megu

    Taniguchi Megu of AKB48 Team A plays a role of “Head” in Majisuka 5

  • Miyawaki Sakura

    Probably the smartest and most altruistic member of the entire AKB48 group. Her response to fan’s question “Isn’t aiding poor African children hindering them from standing on their feet?” was remarkably inspirational and almost tear-jerking.

  • Tano Yuka

    She’s always gorgeous and jolly.

  • Owada Nana

    She’s really not my oshi, and I kind of dislike her a bit because she’s in the same gen as my oshi yet whenever she’s around, you can’t help but look at her… She’s the perfect idol and it’s NOT FAIR.

  • Matsui Jurina

    SKE48’s 1st Gen. And the True Center of SKE.. She is the Next Gen Ace of AKB48.. She started in the entertainment industry when she was very young.. Now she’s grow to become a beautiful and gorgeous woman…

  • Mukaichi Mion

    A 15th generation member whose stunning gravure and amazing acting skills never fail to impress fans

  • Yabuki Nako

    Don’t let her adorable face deceive you. She is way mature than you inside. Put her in the most awkward segments you’ve ever seen, and she cheerily takes a part in it without being stupefied one bit. You’ll never see her act like a 5-year-old bitch that complains, dismisses, or mocks crazy Japanese shows which exactly millions of adults are doing online.

  • Tomonaga Mio

    She’s one of the prettiest girl of HKT and I cant help but to look at her when she’s smiling.

  • Kitagawa Ryoha

    Even in AKB48/SKE48, where most of the girls embrace their natural looks just because they were born almost unrealistically beautiful, she shines like a star that you can’t help staring and smiling at her.

  • Tanaka Miku

    HKT48’s 3rd gen future fisher. Extremely adorable and childish yet also mature and even calculating.

  • Shibuya Nagisa

    NMB48 4th gen ace and one of ace in Team BII

  • Tanaka Natsumi

    HKT48’s 1st gen. She’s the new queen of variety and can be considered as one of the next gen ace but she’s not given uch exposure such as positioning her in a single’s senbatsu but I hope soon she will and will be blooming and becoming a next big star…

  • Nishino Miki

    She looks like a living doll!

  • Ota Yuri

    NMB48 3rd generation. Being born in Nara, and joined NMB48 at a tender age of 11, she’s been treated like a real sister by her older peers, and Watanabe Miyuki especially. She’s my favorite Kanji in her last name — Dream (Yume: 夢)

  • Komiyama Haruka

    Her eyes are so so pretty

  • Hiwatashi Yui

    She was Team A’s only pick during the AKB48 Group Draft Kaigi 2015. This 13 year-old eye-catcher from Saitama is a former member of an idol group karat ☆ this girl isn’t just a pretty face she does impersonations too! her monomane during the Draft Kaigi won the hearts of many. Her petite face structure and cute round eyes has been praised by many, including Team A member, Shimazaki Haruka, who also won and picked Yuichan during the Draft Kaigi.

  • Tanikawa Hijiri

    Team 8’s Akita member is undeniably cute!

  • Akiyoshi Yuka

    HKT48’s 2nd gen… she’s always cute, can be a little sister… good at doing mc…

  • Mogi Shinobu

    Her eyes and lips are so attractive!

  • Sato Shiori

    That smile! She should got more push from management. A hidden gem in team 8.

  • Kojima Mako

    I have feeling she can become center….

  • Tatsuya Makiho

    Hidden Gem of 15th gen. She had been Paruru’s under in Takahashi Team A theatre shows and she swept off the centre position like nothing.

  • Goto Moe

    Great singer and great dancer. She always brightens up the stage with her smile, she’s improving all the time, and she always gives it her all.

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