Official 48G Member transfer & concurrency list after the 02/24 Grand Reformation Festival

  February 28, 2014

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Few days have passed since one of the biggest days in the history of the 48 groups, and what a day it was. We’re sure there are still some of you out there that wishes that the whole thing is just a bad dream, and can’t wait to wake up and laugh it off…

Well, sadly that won’t be the case.

Further below in this article is a FINAL list of AKB48, SKE48, NMB48 and HKT48 released by AKS after going through the appeal process from the members.

It should be noted that Iwata Karen, Kikuchi Ayaka, Takashima Yurina and Eriko Jo appealed against the decisions made regarding their transfers / promotions, and said members are now still in the teams where they were before the Reformation.


  1. Official AKB48 Team Members post Daisokaku
  2. Official SKE48 Team Members post Daisokaku
  3. Official NMB48 Team Members post Daisokaku
  4. Official HKT48, JKT48 & SNH48 Team Members post Daisokaku

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Team A

Member NameTransferred FromNote
Ichikawa ManamiAKB48 KKS ↑Promoted
Iriyama Anna
Katayama HarukaTeam B →
Kawaei Rina
Kojima NatsukiTeam B →
Kojima HarunaTeam B →
Shimazaki HarukaTeam B →
Takahashi MinamiCaptain
Takita KayokoDraft member ↑Promoted
Tatsuya MakihoAKB48 KKS ↑Promoted
Nakata ChisatoTeam K →
Nakanishi ChiyoriHKT48 →Full transfer
Nakamura MarikoTeam B →Vice Captain
Nishiyama RenaDraft member ↑Promoted
Fujita NanaTeam K →
Furuhata NaoSKE48 Team KII
Concurrent member
Maeda AmiTeam K →
Matsui Sakiko
Miyawaki SakuraHKT48 Team KIV
Concurrent member
Muto TomuTeam K →
Morikawa Ayaka
Yagura FuukoNMB48 Team M
Concurrent member
Iwata KarenRefused transfer to SKE48 Team S
Kikuchi AyakaRefused transfer to NMB48 Team N

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Team A Highlights:

Nakanishi Chiyori’s full transfer from #HKT48
Tatsuya Makiho’s promotion from KKS

Team K

Member NameTransferred FromNote
Aigasa MoeTeam 4 →
Abe Maria
Ishida HarukaTeam B →
Iwasa MisakiTeam B →
Uchida Mayumi
Kitahara RieVice Captain
Kojima MakoTeam 4 →
Kodama HarukaHKT48 Team H
Concurrent member
Kobayashi Kana
Gotou MoeDraft member ↑Promoted
Shimada Haruka
Shimoguchi HinanaDraft member ↑Promoted
Suzuki Shihori
Suzuki MariyaSNH48 Team SII
Concurrent member
Tano YukaTeam A →
Nagao Mariya
Nonaka MisatoTeam B →
Matsui JurinaSKE48 Team S
Concurrent member
Miyazaki Miho
Yamamoto SayakaNMB48 Team N
Concurrent member
Yumoto AmiAKB48 KKS ↑Promoted
Yokoyama YuiTeam A →Captain

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Team K Highlights:

The triple aces from #HKT48, #NMB48 and #SKE48 is now in one team
Kitahara Rie as vice-captain?
Moe-chan in Team K, one step closer to succeed Tomochin?

Team B

Member NameTransferred FromNote
Ikoma RinaNogizaka46
Concurrent member
Izuta RinaTeam A →
Uchiyama NatsukiTeam 4 →
Umeta AyanoTeam 4 →
Oshima RyokaTeam A →
Oya ShizukaVice Captain
Owada NanaAKB48 KKS ↑Promoted
Ogasawara MayuNMB48 →Full transfer
Kashiwagi YukiNMB48 Team N
Concurrent member
Kawamoto SayaDraft member ↑Promoted
Kuramochi AsukaTeam K →Captain
Takajo AkiJKT48 concurrency ended
Takahashi JuriTeam A →
Takeuchi Miyu
Tanabe Miku
Tomonaga MioHKT48 Team H
Concurrent member
Natori Wakana
Nozawa RenaTeam K →JKT48 concurrency ended
Hashimoto HikariTeam 4 →
Hirata RinaTeam K →
Fukuoka SeinaAKB48 KKS ↑Promoted
Yokoshima AeriDraft member ↑Promoted
Watanabe MayuTeam A →

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Team B Highlights:

Captain Kuramochi on the loose, can she lead while keeping the ‘cute’ Team B image?
Maachun’s full transfer from #NMB48 – is she going to be alright in Tokyo?
Nogizaka’s Ikoma – whatever happened to the 48/46 rivalry?!

Team 4

Member NameTransferred FromNote
Iwatate Saho
Okawa RioAKB48 KKS ↑Promoted
Omori MIyuTeam B →
Okada Ayaka
Okada Nana
Kato RenaTeam B →
Kizaki YuriaSKE48 →Vice Captain
Full transfer
Kitazawa Saki
Kotani RihoNMB48 Team N
Concurrent member
Kobayashi MarinaTeam A →
Komiyama HarukaAKB48 KKS ↑Promoted
Sasaki YukariTeam A →
Sato KiaraAKB48 KKS ↑Promoted
Shinozaki Ayana
Shibuya NagisaNMB48 Team BII
Concurrent member
Takashima YurinaRefused transfer to SKE48 Team KII
Tsuchiyasu MizukiAKB48 KKS ↑Promoted
Nishino Miki
Maeda Mitsuki
Minegishi MinamiCaptain
Mukaichi MionAKB48 KKS ↑Promoted
Murayama Yuiri
Mogi Shinobu

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Team 4 Highlights:

YURIAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!! Alone in Tokyo without her SKE nakamas!!!
Nagisa x Nishino x Mion x Yuiri x Miyupon in one team can cause diabetes