Nakagawa Haruka’s transfer to JKT48 has already been determined to be on May and one more

  October 20, 2012

Ohhhhh!!!!! Considering that there’re tons of illegal downloads of the content, I hope they will present more insentive to pay money for this service!! First of all, I want them to live stream the theater performance!!

HKT48’s LOD hasn’t launched after it’s announcement on July 20….

My God….. Please…. Please lanuch the service as soon as possible… Hopefully from next month…..


So finally they lost all the motivation to keep it secret that what Yasusu has been doing on Google Plus is a farce….. lol

Akimoto Yasushi 7/21 18:45

Oh I remember this…I’m currently in a meeting with the AKB48 Overseas Team.
We’ve decided to establish an “Study Abroad Program”.
Like with Indonesia’s JKT48, Shanghai’s SHN48, Taiwan’s TPE48, etc.
We’ll be having members study abroad in the successively growing groups.
Teaching them, getting taught by them, there will no doubt be many kinds of things to do.

Dear AKB48 members, are there any of you who want to do an overseas exchange?
The exchange period is scheduled to be somewhere between 6 months to one year.



Actually for Akicha Ota, it’s less painful considering the reason behind her transfer is because she dropped out from Senbatsu in the election…..

It’s tough….. It can be interpreted that while Harugon has been willing to go Jakarta since May, Akicha had been hesitant to go Jakarta for a long time. Either that, or because Harugon’s transfer has been decided, they wanted some Senbatsu members to join the project, and suggested Miyazawa and Takajo to go abroad…..???

What a farce. Full of farce!

Kitarie’s terrace house, study abroad project….. it’s all revealed by members lol

But the thing is….. actually many of us had exciting time thanks to Yasusu’s silly move, and that’s exactly what matters….

I kinda think Harugon didn’t feel good about Takajo’s transfer because while it was her who made her mind to go Jakarta, because when Takajo and Miyazawa also join the program, all news reports naturally focus on Cho-Senbatsu members….

Reply from Akicha to Harugon

There’s very little possibility that all of the things has started from Harugon….

Harugon: “Japan is too small for me!!! I want to go onto a bigger stage!!”

→Yasusu: “Okay, then….. how about setting up Study Abroad program?”