AKB48 Iwasa Misaki to release her 2nd single in upcoming January

  October 20, 2012

Iwasa Misaki to release her 2nd single next January.

It’s been announced that Wasamin will release her 2nd single in next January. It was announced during the promotion event!

Wasamin!! Congratulation!!!!!!

I heard the announcement live!!

Announcer Kadowaki: Surprise….. It’s a king of thing that it announced by Togasaki-san, isn’t it!?!? (in excited voice)

Which event are you talking about?

Oh!! Wasamin held the event at Aquacity today!

※ Iwasa Misaki ~ “Photo contest ~Mujin’eki~” Prize announcement and handshake event.

That’s why she looked like so excited on Google Plus today….!

Iwasa Misaki

Ohha~ So everyone! Let’s gather up at Auacity on 14:00 today, okay?
Iwasa Misaki

Iwasa Misaki

Now, I’m at Odaiba…..dababa ♪
Iwasa Misaki

Iwasa Misaki

What’s the meaning of it?
Hirata Rina

Ro? I wonder what the meaning of it!!!
Iwasa Misaki

Don’t be too much surprised! The meaning is…
Iwasa Misaki

Nua~~~~i! `゜∇゜´
Iwasa Misaki

O, O, O, `゜∇゜´ O, O, O~~~~~WA
Iwasa Misaki


Next title “Port” or “Airport”, I guess….

Express Train station.

I think Mujin’tou is the best title for the next title.

Mujin’eki = No-Man Station

Mujin’to = No-Man’s island

So will she release next song of the “Eki” series?

Probably they will release the single right after the Record Taisho as they expect Wasamin’s Mujin’eki will win best new artist award in the event????

I don’t know much about Enka.

Handsome guys, please tell me your thoughts as to whether she can make a living as a professional Enka singer or not.

↑I think there’s no way we can tell right now.

She can sell her single by whatever means as long as she belongs to AKB48.

We just have to wait and see what it will happen after she graduates AKB48.

I think she can remain in this business for a long time thanks to her solid singing skill.

Whatever, there’s no doubt about the fact she is thriving as she’s sold more than 50K copies of her Enka single.

The transfer to Nagara Production is the blessing in disguise after all…..^^

PV “Mujin’eki” – Iwasa Misaki

“Heavy Rotation – Enka ver.” – Iwasa Misaki