SKE to join The Year End Grand Music Festival “NHK Kohaku Utagassen”, unofficially announced!

  October 20, 2012



I want to see Wasshoi J in Kohaku!!!

Yatta~~~~!!! \(^O^)/

Fot the general public, being featured in Kohaku is huge deal. SKE48 has finally established their fame as single Music Act, not some sub group of AKB48!!!

Masana-chan has been praying for SKE’s appearance for Kohaku almost everyday.

I really hope this news is true….!!

Considering their sales, it’s natural that they make appearance in Kohaku.

But still, I thought that this was something that would never happen.

I hope all the members of SKE can join the show!!

I won’t forgive you if it’s only Senbatsu members that appear the show, Yasusu!!!

It’s pretty natural that the music act that sell the 2rd most in Japan after AKB48 and Arashi will make an appearance in Kohaku.

Nothing strange.

Because this is their first appearance, I want them to perform all the best songs of SKE48. I just hope they can convey how awesome they are to the nation!!

“Pareo wa Emerald” or “Kataomoi Finally”???

Or “Yoroshiku” may have a chance due to it’s close ties with Disaster restoration.

On the contrary, Kiss datte Hidarikiki may have a smaller chance of being performed, as it hasn’t created a big buzz among fandom.

Aishiteraburu is the kind of song that can make only SKE Ota excited but may alienate other audiences….?

I think Aishiteraburu is a song that can be appreciated by the general public….

Since it depends on record label’s power, I think songs that have been released under Avex will be performed in the show…..

If they were to ever perform “Te wo Tsunaginagara”, it would be a godly show for Ota.

I wonder how long blog post Churi will write…

Finally…. SKE has been discovered by the nation!!!!!!

Normally the announcement takes place at the end of November, but because even the mainstream TV reported this scoop, it’s plausible for it to happen….

We can’t tell what it will turn out to be.

In the past, the news scoop that said Southern All Stars will make their first appearance in Kohaku came out around the same time. However, the group has never made an appearance in the show up til now….