AKB48 again Named Kohaku Supporter for this year's NHK Kohaku Utagassen and 1 more!

  September 27, 2012

Congratz! It was such a good timing that you won Janken Tournament!!

So she just normally replaced Maeda Atsuko….!



Adding Paruru in Ultra Senbatsu members, suddenly they started looking decent.
It was painful to look degraded lineup of Ultra Senbatsu members after Maeda Atsuko left AKB48…

Time passed so quickly…. It's already passed 2 years since when we were making fuss about Yokoyama's entry into Seven Eleven's Christmas Senbatsu….

Can you please change Mayuyu's position with Takamina???

2 years ago.

Looking at this, I have a feeling that this is not something we are making a fuss about….

Mori Anna looked so beautiful….. and Komori's face was so toned back then…

That's why Sashihara was talking about Sayanee from this afternoon…!

Sashihara Rino 12:38

I'm talking with Yokoyama and Yamamoto Sayaka. They're real funny… I'm threatened by them actually… I'm jealous but I must admit that I like them…
Yamamoto Sayaka 12:39

I like you too( ˘ ³˘)♥

Yokoyama Yui 12:40


Yokoyama Yui 12:40

Oh I typed it wrong.

Am I UJAI? (she asked like a baby)

Sashihara Rino 12:41

UZA (written in alphabet)


??? Yokoyama learn it from Haruppi???

Yamamoto Sayaka 9/27 12:43

Sashihara-san likes me (talked like a baby)
Yokoyama Yui 9/27 12:44

Me like Nee-san, too (talked like a baby)

Sashihara Rino 9/27 12:44

If you picture that they're talking like a baby, then it somehow sound cute.

But actually they're not….


I want Sashihara to film Sayanee and Yokoyama speaking this language LOL

Sashihara Rino 9/27 14:03

By the way, Sayanee and Yokoyama's are not Baby Language nor emulating Haruppi!

This is the case where you'll be surprised when you actually hear your voice because it's totally different from what you pictured in your head.

Yamamoto Sayaka 9/27 14:06

Am I UZAi?
Murashige Anna 9/27 14:13




Yamatomo Sayaka 14:53 9/27

I attended the press conference for the public unveiling event of Kohaku Supporter for this year's Kohaku Utagassen (63th) as AKB48-san was named for the role!!!

This year many of Olympians delivered us courage and energy to us trough their great performance at the Olympic.

This time, as they did in the Olympic, We would like to deliver courage and smiles to you through music from the Stage of Kohaku Utagassen, the even we conclude this year of 2012 (^-^ゞ

Yokoyama Yui 15:01



Time passes so quickly…. It's already become a season where we start talking about Kohaku….



  1. ray says:

    “Please express your enthusiasm for this year in pun”
    Hahaha jurina national famous now with weird skill for an idol.

    Even Yokoyama has transferred to NMB48 Yamada still be the Obaachan.
    Obaachan will be obaachan.

  2. anya says:

    so nmb has 3 representatives?