For those who want to be healed….. AKB48 Minegishi Minami X HKT48 Sashihara Rino

  September 27, 2012

Sashihara owed so much to Miichan. Whenever Sashihara is in pinch, Miichan helped her in some way. As Sassy Ota, I'm so grateful to Miichan.

↑ I love this one^^

How do you call this combi?




Didn't know so much of you guys love this Combi!!

They're my 1 Oshi and 2 Oshi.

↑ Me too!

↑ Me too LOL

advice about love

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↑Man…. This reminded me of Tanamin….. ToT

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I've never heard of anyone who dislike one of SashiMii and like the other of this combi.


It's hard to dislike members that your Oshi is close to.

Looks like Miichan  and Sassy are introducing their juniors to each other^^

I want to watch an event like this again~

【Karaoke Contest】

So how have they become close to each other?

Sure, they're the same age, but they haven't been in the same team.

It's because they worked together for team YJ

Maybe because both of them like to be at a small corner.




  1. angiepiteira says:

    The 【Karaoke Contest】 – Secret Base 1:55 is so lol! Sasshi!!!!! hahahaaha
    I saw this video a long time and I laughed a lot!
    this video and the “On Night Carnibal”-Takamina,Kojiharu,Miichan! xD

  2. bentobox says:

    Miichan always look good with everyone. She is genuine and friendly.

  3. cryt says:

    SashiMii…. yes, I like this^^

    They both been background senbatsu together for awhile now, and they’re both variety idols and they both LOVE to get as much TV screen time as possible.

    And that karaoke contest had everything: Miichan’s awesome vocals I never knew about, fake crying, and an AIR band. When I try to look up the song, I was confused and thought there was a new Matsuri concert I didnt know of and they were covering a new anime song.

    2010 Tokyo Aki Matsuri is definitely one of AKB’s better concerts cause back then the girls were able to be creative and loose covering other artists’ songs and making skits.