Nogizaka46 Named As Tourism Special Envoy for Oita-City After Sashiko, Making of HTC Commercial

  May 5, 2012
Oita-city, where recently endorsed Sashiko (指原莉乃) for it’s tourism ambassador, named Nogizaka 46 as city’s tourism special envoy on 3th May.

While Oita-city is the hometown of our idol Sashiko, 2 members of Nogizaka, Seira Hatanaka (畠中清羅) and Misa Etoh (衛藤美彩) are also from Oita, and like Sashiko they’ve been appealing their love for Oita whenever they got chances. 4 days after Sashiko’s named as tourism ambassador, 16 members of Nogizaka including the 2 girls visited mayor’s office, telling their passion for Oita and their determination for the ongoing battle between Soredomo Sukidayo vs Oideyo Shampoo.

Video footage of their upcoming commercial for HTC.

HTC commercial was filmed in NYC in Apr. Look even noisy, boring NY streets can look like a flower garden thanks to cute girls of Nogizaka46!!
Kazumi Takayama
Captain Ikuta