Mujack: Collaboration of Takamina x SKE48 in Nagoya!

  May 5, 2012

In 4th May broadcasting of Mujack, Takamina went to Nagoya to join the collaboration project with SKE48.
In the beginning, to make surprise appearance in SKE’s rehearsal venue, she disguised in Rabbit costume, as SKE48 members are told that they will be involved in filming of other fictitious TV program with a Rabbit mascot. Takamina entered Sunshine Sakae (have you visited this place?), safely reached to SKE’s stage. The she started dancing Beginner and Heavy Rotation, which impressed SKE48 members so much, drawing words from Rena “This is a Rabbit who can dance!!”. Takamina seemed to be a little exhausted from dancing in heavy costume, but suddenly took off a head part of costume, revealing her face, which completely took aback of SKE members, making whole venue full of surprise chants.

In the middle of the show, Sawako Hata, whom Takamina said one of SKE48 members she interested in, joined Takamina and introduced her to famous spots in Nagoya. They also tried short comedy, or we should think it’s gonna be comedy regardless of the topic since this is Sawako and Takamina!! Don’t miss this pair’s totally hilarious exchange!!

Before a latter half of Takamina and Sawako’s Nagoya touring, the show moved to SKE’s theatre (not exclusive) in Sunshine Sakae. Takamina joined the rehearsal of SKE48 and finally went on to their stage!!! This video gives us a footage from an angle we’ve rarely seen…. I bet it makes you in awe!! To enormous joy, the song Takamina performed together with SKE48 is Ogoe Diamond!!!

After stage collaboration, the show back to Takamina and Sawako’s comedy like tour in Nagoya. It also includes talk session of Rena, Takamina and Katsuo, in which Rena confessed she doesn’t have a desire for marriage. Check out the whole video in the below, and don’t miss Rena’s words for fans!!