Thank You Miichan, KitaRie For Saving Wounded Sashiko

  May 5, 2012

Yesterday, during the live-broadcasting of ANN, when Miichan threw a simple question to Sashiko, she suddenly burst into tears..

KitaRie “The concept of idol have gradually changed…”
Miichan “How our father’s generation think about present idols like us? Idols in the past didn’t do crazy things such as Hengao like us”
Sashiko “Yeah yeah”
Sashiko “But we have no choice, don’t we? In order to appear on TV screen, we have no way but do crazy things…. We can’t go back to previous state where we aren’t known for doing crazy things?”
Miichan “Yeah… once people created an image of us, it’s difficult to change them… So uhmmm we are gonna walk this type of career path….”
Sashiko “But there’re so many people who can make TV appearance without doing nonsensical things unlike us, and we should let them be themselves…. But I think their style is an ideal way of life as people who make living in Show-Biz world…. “
Miichan “Yeah there’re some people who just should be themselves…”
Sashiko “Everyone has their own role in this world….”
Miichan “So don’t you think it’s a good chance to hold a meeting to talk about our respective roles…?”
Sashiko “Okay”
Miichan “So… how do you want to be in the future, after walking onto our career path in this industry.”
KitaRie “I think we have a nice material to refer when we talk on this topic. Yes this one. (reading letter) Today Pro-Baseball-team Yakult Swallows SS player Miyamoto-san hit his 2000th hit. He commented ‘I think I could be a first-class player as a baseball player who plays a supporting part.’. Don’t you think his word resonates with us?”
Everyone “Yeah this word touches my heart..”
KitaRie “But 2000 hits… he is not a supporting player at all! It’s a great record!!”
Miichan, Sashiko “He has constantly piled up his efforts…”
KitaRie “So the listener sent us this letter probably because the listener want to say this word can be true to us.”
Miichan “I got it….. The listener deeply understand us…”
Miichan “So how are you doing lately….”
Sashiko “I am becoming lost these days…. LOL our conversation is gradually becoming back room talk…”
Miichan “I think sometimes it’s okay. Come on I’ll hear you.” <- Miichan。゚(゚´Д`゚)゚。 。・゚
Sashiko “Yeah yeah…. so… I don’t understand what’s going on…(starts crying….)” 
KitaRie “Okay it’s okay let’s start Sexy Shiritori
Michan “Really (in handsome tone)”
Sashiko “(crying) It’s fun….. being with you is the happiest moment in my life….”
KitaRie “That’s nice!”
(Music starts) Miichan “It’s okay let us deal with this.” (voice faded away…) KitaRie “Let’s do Sext Shiritori!!

I once again realized Miichan is the gift from the heaven to save AKB members when they are in tough times…. KitaRie (one of the best friend of Sashiko) also bravely changed topic right after Sashiko started crying just as her handsome attempt to make broken-herat Sashiko smile. I can’t imagine how tough being an idol and got tons of haters for the promotion you got which is not your own choice, but…. please keep this in mind… even though fans including me can’t fully understand your pain, I always keep in mind that behind your Hengao, behind your outstanding performance, there’re countless of agony and pain… But it was really a mercy that Sashiko was with KitaRie and Miichan in this show, and after brief cry, Sashiko looked somewhat relieved from stress 🙂

Why I love AKB? Because they show us how Brotherhood/Sisterhood play an important role is in our life. What girls are learning through being wounded, distressed in grueling world of Show-Biz, still walking toward their dream?

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