Miyawaki Sakura’s touching word to Maeda Atsuko

  September 16, 2012

Though it’s belated to say this, regarding Komori Yui’s incident (HKT mass withdrawal), looking back, I can totally understand why Miyawaki Sakura didn’t tell her email address to Yuukosu when she was asked to tell her address.
She could 

predict something will happen around Yuukosu….

That’s it. Sakura is a smart girl.

I forgot whose video it was, but in someone’s video on Google Plus, Sashihara aksed Sakuratan to tell her Sakura’s email address, then Yuukosu asked Sakura to tell her address, too. But Sakuratan said “No, I don’t want.”
I was surprised that they still didn’t know email addresses of each other at the time when Sashihara joined HKT48.

I trust Sakuratan. I trust anyone who can understand how awesome Maachun (Ogasawara Mayu) is.

Miyawaki Sakura 23:01 9/2


2 shot photo shoot event was such a fun!!


The surprise I mentioned on Gugutasu several days ago was….
Though I felt too shy about it, I dressed in doctor’s white coat!! (Next Girls’ song “Do Re Mi Fa Onchi” s sued for TV ad for Joycond = Joi = Female Doctor)

But because I was being too shy, I couldn’t bring out “Genki Injection” that I’d prepared for the event~(ToT)

I’m so sorry(_;)


When I was waling aisles of the Handshake event venue,

NMB’s Maachun-san (Ogasawara Mayu) touched my hips, and behind her, Akarin-san apologized me for it, laughing gently. (゜ロ゜)

I was so glad that they talked to me so friendly!

Maachun-san is such a funny and interesting girl that I’m so impressed♪

People from Osaka are really funny!




Sakura may be a girl who has an outstanding talent and humanity far more than we expect….
She made a comment about Maeda at this timing in such a perfect manner….

Sakuratan looks a little lonely in today’s photo….

I guess she wanted not to be too happy when she made a comment about Maeda….

I agree with you.

Miyawaki Sakura 12:41pm 9/15

Good afternoon♪
This is Miyawaki Sakura!!

Today, we performed “Gingham Check” as a surprise in the theater performance\(^^)/


I hope we can improve our performance as we have obtained experiences….♪

While “Gingham Check” is one of my favorite songs,
“Yume no Kawa”, a coupling to the single is also a wonderful song~☆

I love the solo part of Maeda-san♥

The way Maeda-san sings is.. so attractive and captivating, isn’t it?

When Senbatsu members sang this song at Tokyo Dome,

I was watching the performance in the monitor,
and I was moved to shed tears.

It’s so great that someone can emotionally stir others by his/her singing.

The last song contained the album “1830m”, Maeda Atusko-san’s solo number, “Sakura no Hanabira”.

I felt various kinds of emotions from her singing voice in the song.

The one I posted when I visited Tsunami Hit area before.

There were comments from you, that says “I’m moved.” “I was moved to tears.”

Our feelings and thoughts can be conveyed in various forms.

I want to convey a lot of things to you from various places and in various forms

I have a thing to convey to you today!!!

「I love you~~~♥」

That’s all for today!
Good luck for tomorrow!

Sakura Sake!!(συσ)/*★.。