AKB48 13th Gen Iwatate Saho aka Sahhoo shows her humanity for her fan who wants to Commit Suicide

  September 16, 2012

Iwatate Saho, the hidden gem of 13gen

Iwatate Saho

I think the management should promote her more.

I think she also should improve her photographing skill.
She looks far cuter when I saw her in theater performances.

I only know….
Her mom is poor at cooking and she is studying French,
Though she looks young, she is 18 year old, as old as Lovetan, Wasamin and Muto Tomu, a high school senior.

I’ve become a fan of her when I watched Ramen Prank in Ariyoshi Kyowakoku.

Ramen Prank on Ariyoshi Kyowakoku – Takashima Yurina & Iwatate Saho

Ramen Prank on Ariyoshi Kyowakoku - Takashima Yurina & Iwatate Saho

Even I would cry when scolded by Takayama….

She failed to pass the audition for 11gen and 12gen, and finally made it for 13gen’s audition.
I love her looks and personality.

5 members of 13gen have left AKB48 after the selection,
Mittsu and Ryoka have been promoted to team K and A.
But there are many more girls in 13gen you should put your eyes on.
Sahhoo is one of them, but
Yu~rin (Takashima Yurina)’s smile is so awesome,
Aigasa Moe’s dancing always gives me goosebumps,
and Mogi-chan looks taller when she is on the stage, and looks fantastic. Her face is also beautiful.

Iwatate Saho aka Sahhoo shows her humanity toward her fan who wants to commit suicide

Iwatate Saho   9/12 21:23

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Fan   9/12 21:39

I’m sick and tired of my life.

My 17 years of life felt so long. Sahooo. Let me pay my last gratitude to you. Thank you.

Iwatate Saho   9/12 21:39

Uh? Sick and tired of life….? What’s wrong with you?

A comment a little above.
What do you think everyone?

Iwatate Saho   9/12 21:39

17 years is not that long. I’ve lived as long as you.
Everything will be over when you give up the hope.
I always think because I’ve never given up, here I am in AKB48.

When you think, I’m the most pathetic person, I’m having the hardest life in the world, it gets all the more tough.
So I try not to think this way.

Live together in this world?

Iwatate Saho   9/12 22:18

I’m praying that you’ll be alright.

If you’re still alive, please leave a comment.
That’s the only way I can confirm your safety.

Everyone here is worried about you.
Anyway, I wish you see this post (>人<) [snip:close-snippet] [snip:gplus-reply avatar="https://lh6.googleusercontent.com/-FYXWtVXqzGA/AAAAAAAAAAI/AAAAAAAAABI/Zx1qRzcbecc/s48-c-k/photo.jpg" name="Iwatate Saho" date="9/12" time="22:27"] As I watched comments from you*, I couldn't help but see his personal G+ page... Is there really nothing I can do for him? Please never ever commit suicide!!!!!!! *Because everyone said fans need to cooperate each other to persuade this guy into stopping suicide, and prevent members from being involved this guy any further. And they went to his personal G+ page to encourage and persuade him. [snip:close-snippet] [snip:gplus-reply avatar="-" name="Fan" date="9/12" time="22:33"] I recovered once after I was betrayed by friends, ignored by classmates, and everything went so painful emotionally. But now I'm in a tougher situation. I can't find a job, nor can I attend universities. Before I become a garbage of the society, and cause troubles to people, I would like to commit suicide. But because I lack courage to actually make it into action, I've had many failed attempts. Will I able to realize the value of life??? [snip:close-snippet] [snip:gplus-reply avatar="https://lh6.googleusercontent.com/-FYXWtVXqzGA/AAAAAAAAAAI/AAAAAAAAABI/Zx1qRzcbecc/s48-c-k/photo.jpg" name="Iwatate Saho" date="9/12" time="22:53"] Honestly, I have no telling what my life will be like, too. But if I'm not here, living this life, didn't join the audition, I couldn't meet all you guys here. You have no telling what will change your life and what will make you realize the value of your life. I’m not sure how many people actually know the value of living. At least I don't know. But life is not all about the moment you live. Have a long view. I live my life, believing the future. [snip:close-snippet] [snip:gplus-reply avatar="-" name="Fan" date="9/12" time="22:54"] Sahhoo. Thank you so much for being worried about me. I.... I'm alright. I'm not a kind of person who have enough courage to actually commit a suicide. I... I'll always support you. Please always be brilliant. Please always be the flower of hope for me... (^^) [snip:close-snippet] [snip:line-spacer] [snip:line-spacer] This girl reminds me of Yuihan (Yokoyama Yui). [snip:line-spacer] She is such a nice girl.... I've immediately become a fan of her. [snip:line-spacer] She didn't complain anything when she ate that nasty Takayama Ramen.... [snip:line-spacer] Why did she not just leave this crazy Ota? [snip:line-spacer] How come she could ever ignore when someone wrote that he wants to die on her comment form?? [snip:line-spacer] I want her to keep this kindness and purity when she grows up. [snip:line-spacer]