TV show “Ariyoshi Kyowakoku” will continue by moving to the other time slot?

  September 12, 2012
大美賀利征(Don't know how to read his name) 19:25 9/11

I took a holiday today for the first time in months. Well… I don’t actually remember when my last holiday was. I was drinking alcohol from the afternoon and watched TV programs that I directed in the past. Gyouza Kenpou (jiao-zi martial arts), Kawaei & Nobuto, Janken tournament, Election…. It’s so captivating. I love myself!! By the way, I’ve never been that serious about making TV programs before….

He is looking back….. Which means Ariyoshi Kyowakoku will surelly end….?

【After the broadcasting】

They didn’t announce anything about whether the program will end or not.

Well… yeah but I just want to say thank you for this memorable shot of Nyan’s sexy thigh!

It doesn’t seem like they will end.
That “Final” mark has been disappeared, too.
What will happen?