Latest AKBINGO! review (Miyawaki Sakuratan is so cute, Yokoyama-Family, and many more)

  August 17, 2012

First, let’s begin with the most prominent member, HKT48’s Miyawaki Sakura

Whoa… BINGO! is so amazing!

This is amazing! Sakuratan is taking the Lead Guitar!

This is a godly occurrence! all of you had better taped this video!

Deadly awesome harmony displayed to the whole nation!

This is amazing, with the High senbatsu as backing, taking the lead guitar..
is this the second generation of Takamina?!

Sassy and Sakura-tan

If we look at it from this angle, they look like sisters, don’t they?

Being in the same Yokoyama Family…

Yokoyama Family (*´ω`*)

That was a cleverly made statement

Looked a lot like matsuko so I laughed wwww

As fellow Yokoyama Family

“The two children were really good”
“Looking at the four people lining up like that, thinking that they had been practicing..”
“The bonds of the family, it resonates with my heart”
“As fellow Yokoyama Family”

That last screencap was really good lol

So next week Kitarie..

Here comes Rie-chan Engine——

the play… of gods…∈(゜◎゜)∋

Next week is also a must-watch! lol

The legendary bodhisattva face www


It’s over already?
I wonder if a talented band will show up next week

I think the idea was great but the entirety of the show was a mix of so many things that my impression was jumbled

one of the highlights was the performance of the members by the start, how Kasai staying by Sakutan’s side

I think the one from Saitama is the most preferable

It can’t be helped, they’re not chosen based on real talent.
They are just lining up the various generations from the mother to child
I hope a big band-level contestant will come up in the second half

They’re giving such a high score to the children that the balance has been broken

It was kind of interesting but, about three bands in thirty minutes is good enough for today.

at the time when V group came out, Sakuratan’s face is… ww

I guess it’s attracting attention
It’s the first time for me to see that kind of innocent (pure) look

If Sakuratan is there, one has no choice but to watch lol

-HKT Sakuratan is too cute
-The band members are trying to appeal to wota
-Pleasantries to attractive woman is too much
-Too many children
-the father of Yokoyama Family is going dere dere on Tomochin

It’s interesting how it looks like a school art festival
Rather than Gachigase or Kayoukyoku in the Golden Family time, isn’t it better for this program to aim for that instead?

Although the members are giving such high score, it’s an admirable situation-reading skill that they didn’t give perfect score
However, I don’t know about scores of the 3 guys’ lol

What’s with giving children unconditionally high score?
It’s too bad for the other bands…


Translated by Eshtar, Bryan, Christine, and Ryosuke