LOL Yuihan is ridiculously cute!!

  June 14, 2012
“Wait….. I feel that now I’m getting Yuihan-Oshi……

Please tell me stories that make me dislike Yokoyama!

There’s no such story.
So Yuichan’s likability rating will be increasing furthermore…..
It’s hard to stop liking her after watching this…
I don’t like to do this, because…..she (my mom) is easily moved to tears.
You too, aren’t you???
At least now she is essential to Sousenkyo…. in various sense…. lol
Actually it was a nice program!!!
My mother-in-law also did a good job in the show!!!!!
Yuihan as a kid is ridiculously cute~~~~!!
I’ve thought that she is one of the members who’ve got favored by management….
But after watching this, I’ve gradually come to like her….
I think you’d better start with learning about Rie Kitahara and Mariya Nagao.

I think you’d better be honest and say “I will do Oshi-Hen!!!!”
I completely finished Ohi-Hen!!! Now I’m Yuihan-Oshi!!!
I’ve been interested in her for long actually.
Now that the election is over, so it may be a season for Oshi-Hen????
Makao Tower 250m Bungee jump~~

Ryuta Takeda (staff of Ariyoshi Kyowakoku)

When Yokoyama-san guests our show, she approaches to greet staffs and associates.

The last scene where Yuihan and her mom were weeping together was so heartwarming.

She must be a good mom and wife!!

So is Yokoyama hard-working person!?!? I didn’t know that!!! She should have said it earlier!!

Among AKB48, it’s too famous that Yuihan and Takamina are top 2 members who are known to be hardworking…

TGSK “Yokoyama is a woman of hardworking. She is not that talented and doesn’t have anything special among the members. But she has a passion to improve herself.” “

She trained more than anyone else. She appeared in the lesson 30 minutes earlier before it starts. She is thinking about AKB48 whole day long. She set the path for other members that tells ” If you work hard, you will be rewarded.”

To members who diligently improve themselves, the fact that Yokoyama is highly appreciated may be the best motivation.  Nobody can complain about Yukoyama’s promotion. She meets a requirement. 

Yuihan “I make it my custom to forget after one night when I have a bad day.
I have people who support me, but I understand it’s inevitable that there also are people who don’t like me.

People have different preferences, and maybe they don’t like my personality?? But….. it’s still halfway through (of my life).

So for the time being, I have to improve myself, step by step, with a gratitude to people in my heart. I understand that I still lack many abilities.

So I want to live a life in a way that can make people, who now don’t like me, come to like me. For this purpose, I work harder to realize my dream to become a solo singer.
Though there’re people don’t like me now, some day I want  them to change from “don’t like” to “like”.  And I think when people change from “don’t like” to “like”, they will keep liking me!

Sata Andagi Sotsugyo

Big Laughters!

Once I’d been fed up with her because I had an impression that she got an unfair promotion, but after watched Yon Para, I became a fan of her.

Give me a photo of her wearing glasses!!

Thank you so much!!
It’s marvelous!!!!