Miichan Lost to Kaoru…. Not Only In The Game But…

  April 29, 2012

“After loosing the battle against Kaoru (Mittsu), Miichan looked almost about to start crying.” This sentence brought the huge concern to two channel’s AKB fan thread. The Thread started with this comment “I felt the end of my old dear AKB where everyone were friends. As Acchan leave the group, and bloody mood is looming in AKB… I think our funny AKB is gonna be over.”

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“Takamina’s comment before the battle ‘Mittsu got a momentum’ is also hurting me…. I think she wanted Miichan to win. Look Kojiharu… she looked so pathetic for the fact everyone expected the win of Kaoru..”

“It’s not only the game that Miichan lost to Kaoru….”
“Yeah, Kaoru is originally a Model and has perfect appearance. She also has a fine taste of fashion and has perfect hair style that makes us wonder why she is in AKB not in Takarazuka. Then she was chosen to co-star the popular Drama, which is a unbelievably huge promotion as KKS.”
“Before the match, Miiichan seemed to be so nervous that as Comedy team of AKB she must win the game.
It’s so pathetic that I couldn’t dare to see her disappointed face…..”
“I think both had done pretty well but the real winner was this balloon dude who got much of appearance in the video.”

“As Miichan-Oshi, this fragility of her made me attracted to her.
If she were a girl who can fight back and say something funny and make fan of herself in this tough moment,
I don’t think I would be a fan of her……”
“This girly pose is my favorite.”

“Because Takamina said she(Mii) is in Comedy team of AKB, everyone gave Miichan contemptuous laghuter….. which made Miichan even more nervous….”

“Kaoru’s break through can’t be compared to be Jurina.
Kaoru overtook 200 members in a flash….”

“Jurina is just promoted inside AKB, but look Kaoru…
She can already do fine as a solo actress…. It’s all about the strong promotion she got from TV stations…”
“I can’t trust Kaoru-Oshi.”
“Initially I was just laughing that Kaoru was having trouble that every AKB-Ota bash her that AKB don’t need this type of girl or Kaoru’s existence destroy our old dear AKB. But as it turns out to be true, my initial feeling of wrongness (that Kaoru is in AKB) is changing into the feeling of hatred….”